Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Time to Play

It's been so gloomy and depressing around here, and my craft room is a big mess (we're going to be moving it downstairs soon so I have piles of stuff all over), so I decided to get my beads out and play a bit. I love beads! I have a big tackle box full, not nearly as bad as my fabric habit. Steve (my DH) wanted to go across the state to visit Cabela's a couple of years ago (that place is guy heaven) and I didn't think I'd have any fun there, but I found this huge tackle box, it's definitely awesome.
It was torture for me, we spent the whole day driving across the state and the road we went across on (I think it's highway 12) is full of antique stores. On the way over we didn't have time to stop since we only had the one day, and we needed to get over there, and on the way back it was getting late and the weather wasn't good, so I didn't get to stop at ONE antique store. Steve knows what torture that was for me, so if we ever have time he promised that we'll make a day of driving that highway again and making lots of stops. It's on my list.....

Monday, January 30, 2006

Zed and the Evil Hell Bitch

This is Zed, our new cat. He's a sweetheart, loves to talk and trill, and wants all sorts of attention. On the other hand, we also have his sister. Her name is Cleo, but it should be Evil Hell Bitch Cat. She apparently didn't get much attention for the first few months of her life and is almost feral. We've been trying to work with her, give her a lot of space, but try to pet her from time to time. It's working a little, she actually purred a little yesterday (after the usual hissing and spitting). They'll both be going outside soon, hopefully to help keep down the population of mice, shrew, and other pesky critters that tend to cause problems on a farm.

Cleo has already caused a lot of trouble, she sneaked to the basement and got in the crawl space the other day and didn't want to come out. My husband crawled around in there in the dirt and crud and spiders, (I wouldn't be able to make myself go up in there to save my life), but he couldn't get her. Our daughter crawled in there the next day and was able to scare her out. After she bounced around the walls of the basement for a while, we finally got her upstairs. Good thing that we got her spayed, once she's outside we probably won't be able to catch her again. She'll probably love it outdoors, though. When we got her she had been closed in a room (the lady rescued the kittens but had a dog so couldn't give the cats run of the house) and she and Zed hate being closed in a room now.
I finished a baby quilt last night, 2nd one of the year. My goal is to make one a month (for ABC Quilts). Usually I end up getting about 8 done and then I'm busy trying to make stuff for Christmas. I keep them simple, cut 4 inch blocks and use ten rows (ten blocks per row). I love buying baby fabrics, I get a good variety and make some of the quilts from the girly pinks and purples, some from the loud brights, some with trucks and sports themes for little boys. I take turns hand quilting, tying, and machine quilting so I can get more done.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

First Blog

Hi, I'm Sue, I've loved art and crafts since I can remember, I used to draw constantly when I was a kid. I've tried about every craft available, but quilting just got hold and won't let go. I still like to woodcarve, do beadwork, and paint on occasion, but I really am fanatical about quilting. Experienced quilters usually understand completely, people who want to quilt think it's pretty cool, but non-quilters usually think it's kind of weird to want to possess neverending piles of fabric, shelves of quilting books, rolls of fuzzy ribbon & as many types of threads as affordable. I consider it good therapy, so no worries here.
I don't have any pics of current projects (not much sunshine here lately), so I'll post some pics of projects made in the last year. I love Amish quilts and the quilting on the Trip Around the World miniature quilt above was inspired by a real Amish quilt made in 1930 (A Treasury of Amish Quilts by Rachel and Kenneth Pellman). The hand quilting on the teal border (vines and flowers) is as close as I could get to what was in the real quilt. I thought it a little unusual for an Amish quilt, usually they seem to have some cable quilting or feathering around the border.
I'll eventually take some pictures of my craft room, but we're putting an addition on the house and getting ready to move rooms around (my craft room will be downstairs eventually) so it's a big mess. The addition (our new bedroom & bath!) was supposed to be done by Christmas and here we are at the end of January with just a shell of a room. The situation is really reminding me of the movie The Money Pit, where the homeowners were always asking when the house would be completed and the answer was always "two weeks". Ah well, it will get done eventually.
Didn't do any quilting today (well yesterday, actually, since it's well past midnight), I went to Shipshewana, Indiana. It's a great little town full of nice shops and the home of Lolly's, one of my favorite fabric stores. The building that housed Lolly's burnt down about a year ago and they recently opened the new building. It's much larger, it includes a scrapbooking store, really cute toy store, bakery, nice antique shop, a store with Amish made quilts, and lots more. They even have a puppet theatre for kids, and they're building a wonderful carousel with hand carved horses on the top floor, it's going to be awesome.
Current reading: Nature's Studio by Joan Colvin. I'm eagerly awaiting an earlier book of hers that I found on eBay; The Nature of Design.