Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Time to Play

It's been so gloomy and depressing around here, and my craft room is a big mess (we're going to be moving it downstairs soon so I have piles of stuff all over), so I decided to get my beads out and play a bit. I love beads! I have a big tackle box full, not nearly as bad as my fabric habit. Steve (my DH) wanted to go across the state to visit Cabela's a couple of years ago (that place is guy heaven) and I didn't think I'd have any fun there, but I found this huge tackle box, it's definitely awesome.
It was torture for me, we spent the whole day driving across the state and the road we went across on (I think it's highway 12) is full of antique stores. On the way over we didn't have time to stop since we only had the one day, and we needed to get over there, and on the way back it was getting late and the weather wasn't good, so I didn't get to stop at ONE antique store. Steve knows what torture that was for me, so if we ever have time he promised that we'll make a day of driving that highway again and making lots of stops. It's on my list.....


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