Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I think today is the first day I actually believe that spring has arrived. We've had such a dull and chilly spring so far, today is sunny and may actually reach the 70s, yea!

I found this cute little item on eBay, it's one of those stamps that they use to make the designs on batik fabrics. I go crazy over batiks and would really like to see the process done in person someday. I'd love to have a whole row of these little guys tromping across a shelf in my sewing room, Elephants represent good luck, right?

Current Reading (Whoa, not quilt books!); Just finished The Man Called Cash by Steve Turner and just started Skeleton Man by Tony Hillerman. The Cash book will be well traveled, my son sent it from California and I'm sending it on to my Dad in Florida, then he'll be sending it back to Michigan so my daughter can read it after she's done with this semester and has time to read!


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