Friday, May 19, 2006

Inspiration &c.

It's a bit nicer here today, still chilly, but we have SUNSHINE. I went on a little nature walk with my dogs, not sure what I was thinking, I'm allergic to the outdoors. I still don't get that, I was born here, how can I be allergic to my own world? We should be in sync with our own planet, don't you think? But I digress, I should introduce you to my dogs....this is Chance.
He's a border collie & has the sweetest spirit of any being on the planet. We got him when he was about 9 months old, he was being abused by his male owner, but once he realized we weren't going to hurt him he calmed right down & has been a great dog. He's getting old, so much to his dismay he can't chase the ball as much as he used to.
Our other dog is Dax, she's a heinz, heavy on the Chow. She's the alpha dog around here, she barks loudly if there's any disturbance and then runs to the door quick so I can let her in before they get too close, ha!
I went to South Haven yesterday, we had a downpour soon after I got there so I didn't have a lot of photo ops, but did get a pic of the lighthouse.If you're ever in this area, it's a nice little town to visit. There's a great restaurant there called Clementine's, though there's quite a wait to get in there in the summer, it's worth it. Around the corner from Clementines there's a huge antique store that I love, and some unique, artsy little shops.


Blogger Pat said...

Hello! I just found your blog through the QA blog. Very nice. Interesting. Great photos. I liked your "As" in wordplay -- Pat

8:17 PM  
Blogger Elle said...

Love the doggie photos and what a cool lighthouse!

9:11 AM  

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