Sunday, June 25, 2006

Door art!

This is the new door to our new bedroom. You can't see behind it right now, but you may have a closer look. I usually like more color than this, but for once I let my DH have a say in decorating part of the house. He picked out a lovely almost white carpet for the bedroom (which really scares me), so I painted the walls sort of an eggshell color with an offwhite ragged over it. I'm pleased with how it turned out, but am still adjusting to the lack of color. Anyway, I wanted to do something subtle to the door, and finally hit on this.
Now my quilt room, that's another story. We got the first coat painted tonight (yeah!), it's a color called silverberry. I'm loving it, but it needs another coat, so no pics right now. When the room is done I'll show some before and after pics most likely. This is another pic I tried to show the other day of Shipshewana, this is a lovely little restaurant on the top floor of what we call the Lolly's building. I love how they used the old 1950s tables, the stained glass windows, the antiques scattered about, it's just great. If you prefer, you can eat out on the roof and listen for the clop-clopping of horses hooves when the Amish carriages go about town. And to close with, here are some pretty petunias for you (also from Shipshey!). What the heck are they feeding that thing?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Two Weeks!

This is our temporary home. Two weeks....that's how long the guy from the cleaning company said it would be for them to get our house ready for us to move back in (just like the MONEY PIT!)I almost laughed when he said it. I didn't believe him anyway, it didn't seem likely.
I was so excited last weekend when my husband started building shelves in my future quilting room (we're moving it downstairs into our old bedroom) and then we got stalled again. The builders had to use the room to put the dry wall and their other stuff in so they could work on the bathroom. So we postponed the carpet cleaners and I've been biting my nails waiting to be able to see enough progress so that I can dare to hope that we'll be back in our house soon. Now things are looking up, the builders think they'll be done with the bathroom and will have all the ceilings done by tomorrow. Then we can start painting this weekend, yea! The soda blasting, the attic insulating and the carpet cleaning in my quilt/craft room is scheduled for next week. We may actually be moving home next weekend, that would be wonderful, but I'm not holding my breath.
Since there's nothing I can do at the house right now I got to go to Shipshewana, Indiana yesterday with my friend, Pat. The carousel looks like it's almost done! Can't wait to see it working. All the horses are so well made and have such distinctive personalities, I've never seen anything like it. They even have a big chicken, but I couldn't get a good pic of it. I guess that's it for the pictures, I have more but can't get them to upload, so I'll try tomorrow. I hope that by next week I'll be posting pics of our progress on getting my craft room together. Just about everything in our house is in boxes, we had stuff from different rooms all over when the fire happened because of the work being done in different areas of the house, so even though the boxes are marked by room, we have no idea what we'll find. It brings to mind the times when my mom would buy cans of food from the store real cheap because the labels had been torn off. Mystery dinner! I thought it was kind of fun, as long as I didn't HAVE to eat what was in there, might be corn, might be beets!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ever seen this?

My MIL gave me a bag full of old white baby dresses today and it also included a lovely old slip. They came from a lady who is in her 90s and her mother was a seamstress and made these items.
Anyway, the slip had these really nice appliqued flowers, or so I thought. On taking a closer look, it became clear that this isn't applique, it's a type of embellishment I've never seen (maybe I don't get out enough and this isn't all that uncommon!). I hope you can see from the pictures, because I'm not that great at explaining things, but what she did was fill in the back with what looks like embroidery thread, going back and forth from side to side, making a stitch on the front side of the fabric every time she came up on the sides. The third picture is of the back side.You should see the waist in this slip, it's 23"! There's also a blouse that is quite lovely. The satin stitching on the flowers is so tight and perfect.The sleeves are even pretty! There's a white 'pearl' on the end of each sleeve. I can't imagine the time it took to make these, there are ten of those flowers on the slip and not many people would even be seeing it. I would love to know what occasions this was worn to (more than one apparently, as it's got signs of wear).

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Crazy Quilt

Since I'm still living in a motel(yes, the candy is still there), while waiting for my house to be repaired and made less stinky, I thought I'd post some quilt pictures. These are of a beautiful crazy quilt that is owned by my Aunt June & Uncle Chuck. I believe it was passed down from my uncle's family, the King family. They think it was from Civil War times, I'm not too sure about dating something like this. If anyone can give me any clues about the age of this, I'd love to hear about it. Some of the motifs are embroidered, some painted. I'd like to get new pics of this with my daughter's new camera, you'd be able to see the detail so much better. It's really a quilt that needs to be seen in person. The last motif, the peacock, is amazing! It would be so interesting to know how many people worked on this, who it was for, if it was made for a special occasion, how many people in the family owned it. It reminds me of genealogy, for every answer you get you seem to get 10 more questions, and you end up with so many questions that will probably never be answered. I've tried researching the King family, but didn't have a lot of luck. Sure wish more people would have kept detailed diaries over the years!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's still there!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Another Friday

My peony looks a little sad, not as many flowers this year, maybe it was that chilly spring weather we had.
Some good news, my Bernina passed it's physical! No smoke damage to it apparently, that's a relief. Things are moving along, slowly it seems, but I've never had a house fire before, so I don't know how it generally goes. There are some young ladies going through my house cleaning everything, every little knick-knack, it's amazing. I'd like to give them a big hug, but I don't want to scare them off! It's already smelling a lot better downstairs, upstairs is another matter entirely, they'll be getting up there soon. At least the outdoors is pretty much unscathed.
I want to sew, quilt, macrame, anything! I brought a quilt with me to hand quilt, but I haven't had time to work on it yet. There's so much to do for and at the house, and by the time we get back to the motel I'm exhausted.
The motel isn't bad at all, the bed is comfortable (that's rare in my experience), the room is kept clean, there are lots of channels on the tv and they have a nice pool. They aren't so great on customer service, usually just little things, but there was that spider incident. My daughter, like her mom, is really freaked out by spiders. She found a wolf spider in her room the other day so called the front desk and told them they needed to send someone down to kill it (none of the usual household items handy for the murder of a big spider). She stood at the door, watching the spider while waiting for some help. The desk clerk ran by looking for housekeeping personnel since she is no spider assassin, either, and located someone down the hall. When told about the spider, housekeeping lady replied "Oh, yeah, that must be the one I saw in there yesterday (!!)". Now, to someone with a major fear of big spiders, that's rather upsetting. To add insult to injury, the housekeeping lady carefully picked the spider up with a towel to take it outside and give it another shot at us later.
On a more humorous note (to me anyway), when we first came in the room I noticed a piece of candy with a red shiny wrapper right by the side of the bed, I thought it was pretty noticible and figured it would be gone the next day, but every day it's still there. It's kind of a standing joke with us now, 10 days and counting! Maybe they think it's my lucky red candy and I put it there on purpose, so they don't wish to disappoint me by throwing it out. I'm betting it will still be there when we leave.....I know you're looking for the red candy pic, maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

No sewing....*sigh*

I haven't had time to take my Bernina in for a post-fire check-up yet, I may be doing a lot of hand quilting for a while. I have a bad feeling since the almost new computer we had upstairs has been checked out and would cost more to repair than to buy a brand new one. We hear good things about our insurance company, hopefully they'll be good about these things. I LOVE my Bernina and am missing it already.
Anyway, this is my poor bathroom. Actually now it's completely naked, our work guys (and Stephanie) did a great job and have it all ready to start repairing as soon as they get the okay.
It's kind of cool to see under the walls in this house. In the living room they had to tear out an entire wall to fix the mess our first builder made of covering over an old window, and the wall was all made of wide, thick boards with little lines where they used to have the small boards that held the plaster on in the old days. I have a pic, but it won't upload even though it says it is...hmmmmm....not sure what that's about. I'll try again another day. I really like how it looks, if it wasn't for that spot where the window used to be in the middle of it all I would have left the wall like that. Last but not least, a better note on which to end this blog entry. On the clothesline are three stinky, but perfectly okay quilts that didn't get burnt up thanks to our local firefighters. The two in front belong to my daughter, the one on the left I made for her a few years ago, and it's been all over, even on a mission trip to the Virgin Islands. The one on the right is her wedding quilt that I gave her last year. The one in the back wins the stinkiest quilt award, it was on the wall in my sewing room right next to the attic door that was 'enlarged'. My daughter is such a sweetheart, she took it right down for me and hung it up because she knew how upset I'd be about it getting damaged.