Saturday, June 10, 2006

Another Friday

My peony looks a little sad, not as many flowers this year, maybe it was that chilly spring weather we had.
Some good news, my Bernina passed it's physical! No smoke damage to it apparently, that's a relief. Things are moving along, slowly it seems, but I've never had a house fire before, so I don't know how it generally goes. There are some young ladies going through my house cleaning everything, every little knick-knack, it's amazing. I'd like to give them a big hug, but I don't want to scare them off! It's already smelling a lot better downstairs, upstairs is another matter entirely, they'll be getting up there soon. At least the outdoors is pretty much unscathed.
I want to sew, quilt, macrame, anything! I brought a quilt with me to hand quilt, but I haven't had time to work on it yet. There's so much to do for and at the house, and by the time we get back to the motel I'm exhausted.
The motel isn't bad at all, the bed is comfortable (that's rare in my experience), the room is kept clean, there are lots of channels on the tv and they have a nice pool. They aren't so great on customer service, usually just little things, but there was that spider incident. My daughter, like her mom, is really freaked out by spiders. She found a wolf spider in her room the other day so called the front desk and told them they needed to send someone down to kill it (none of the usual household items handy for the murder of a big spider). She stood at the door, watching the spider while waiting for some help. The desk clerk ran by looking for housekeeping personnel since she is no spider assassin, either, and located someone down the hall. When told about the spider, housekeeping lady replied "Oh, yeah, that must be the one I saw in there yesterday (!!)". Now, to someone with a major fear of big spiders, that's rather upsetting. To add insult to injury, the housekeeping lady carefully picked the spider up with a towel to take it outside and give it another shot at us later.
On a more humorous note (to me anyway), when we first came in the room I noticed a piece of candy with a red shiny wrapper right by the side of the bed, I thought it was pretty noticible and figured it would be gone the next day, but every day it's still there. It's kind of a standing joke with us now, 10 days and counting! Maybe they think it's my lucky red candy and I put it there on purpose, so they don't wish to disappoint me by throwing it out. I'm betting it will still be there when we leave.....I know you're looking for the red candy pic, maybe tomorrow.


Blogger teri springer said...

Gee Sue...this is a hell of a way to get someone to clean your house!

I am out of town next week but, if you are still displaced the week after, how about I come pick you up for a day of R & R??

Email me with the hotel phone number and room cell is: 269-760-2135.


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