Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Crazy Quilt

Since I'm still living in a motel(yes, the candy is still there), while waiting for my house to be repaired and made less stinky, I thought I'd post some quilt pictures. These are of a beautiful crazy quilt that is owned by my Aunt June & Uncle Chuck. I believe it was passed down from my uncle's family, the King family. They think it was from Civil War times, I'm not too sure about dating something like this. If anyone can give me any clues about the age of this, I'd love to hear about it. Some of the motifs are embroidered, some painted. I'd like to get new pics of this with my daughter's new camera, you'd be able to see the detail so much better. It's really a quilt that needs to be seen in person. The last motif, the peacock, is amazing! It would be so interesting to know how many people worked on this, who it was for, if it was made for a special occasion, how many people in the family owned it. It reminds me of genealogy, for every answer you get you seem to get 10 more questions, and you end up with so many questions that will probably never be answered. I've tried researching the King family, but didn't have a lot of luck. Sure wish more people would have kept detailed diaries over the years!


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