Sunday, June 25, 2006

Door art!

This is the new door to our new bedroom. You can't see behind it right now, but you may have a closer look. I usually like more color than this, but for once I let my DH have a say in decorating part of the house. He picked out a lovely almost white carpet for the bedroom (which really scares me), so I painted the walls sort of an eggshell color with an offwhite ragged over it. I'm pleased with how it turned out, but am still adjusting to the lack of color. Anyway, I wanted to do something subtle to the door, and finally hit on this.
Now my quilt room, that's another story. We got the first coat painted tonight (yeah!), it's a color called silverberry. I'm loving it, but it needs another coat, so no pics right now. When the room is done I'll show some before and after pics most likely. This is another pic I tried to show the other day of Shipshewana, this is a lovely little restaurant on the top floor of what we call the Lolly's building. I love how they used the old 1950s tables, the stained glass windows, the antiques scattered about, it's just great. If you prefer, you can eat out on the roof and listen for the clop-clopping of horses hooves when the Amish carriages go about town. And to close with, here are some pretty petunias for you (also from Shipshey!). What the heck are they feeding that thing?


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