Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ever seen this?

My MIL gave me a bag full of old white baby dresses today and it also included a lovely old slip. They came from a lady who is in her 90s and her mother was a seamstress and made these items.
Anyway, the slip had these really nice appliqued flowers, or so I thought. On taking a closer look, it became clear that this isn't applique, it's a type of embellishment I've never seen (maybe I don't get out enough and this isn't all that uncommon!). I hope you can see from the pictures, because I'm not that great at explaining things, but what she did was fill in the back with what looks like embroidery thread, going back and forth from side to side, making a stitch on the front side of the fabric every time she came up on the sides. The third picture is of the back side.You should see the waist in this slip, it's 23"! There's also a blouse that is quite lovely. The satin stitching on the flowers is so tight and perfect.The sleeves are even pretty! There's a white 'pearl' on the end of each sleeve. I can't imagine the time it took to make these, there are ten of those flowers on the slip and not many people would even be seeing it. I would love to know what occasions this was worn to (more than one apparently, as it's got signs of wear).


Blogger Elle said...

The antique garments are lovely!

10:50 AM  
Blogger Jane Ann said...

I just discovered your delightful blog, so this comment is rather tardy. What you have is shadow work embroidery. Often the stitching on the back is done in a color, then outlined on the front, making for a very subtle design on the front side of batiste or other sheer garment. It's especially popular for infant wear--little ducks or sailboats. Here's some more information about it:

(Sorry, I had to break the link to get it to fit--you'll have to cut & paste into your browser.)

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