Sunday, June 04, 2006

No sewing....*sigh*

I haven't had time to take my Bernina in for a post-fire check-up yet, I may be doing a lot of hand quilting for a while. I have a bad feeling since the almost new computer we had upstairs has been checked out and would cost more to repair than to buy a brand new one. We hear good things about our insurance company, hopefully they'll be good about these things. I LOVE my Bernina and am missing it already.
Anyway, this is my poor bathroom. Actually now it's completely naked, our work guys (and Stephanie) did a great job and have it all ready to start repairing as soon as they get the okay.
It's kind of cool to see under the walls in this house. In the living room they had to tear out an entire wall to fix the mess our first builder made of covering over an old window, and the wall was all made of wide, thick boards with little lines where they used to have the small boards that held the plaster on in the old days. I have a pic, but it won't upload even though it says it is...hmmmmm....not sure what that's about. I'll try again another day. I really like how it looks, if it wasn't for that spot where the window used to be in the middle of it all I would have left the wall like that. Last but not least, a better note on which to end this blog entry. On the clothesline are three stinky, but perfectly okay quilts that didn't get burnt up thanks to our local firefighters. The two in front belong to my daughter, the one on the left I made for her a few years ago, and it's been all over, even on a mission trip to the Virgin Islands. The one on the right is her wedding quilt that I gave her last year. The one in the back wins the stinkiest quilt award, it was on the wall in my sewing room right next to the attic door that was 'enlarged'. My daughter is such a sweetheart, she took it right down for me and hung it up because she knew how upset I'd be about it getting damaged.


Blogger teri springer said... me. I am just over in Richland on M43.


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Blogger Sassenach said...

Hi, came across your blog while cruising the web.

If you're still having touble with odor in the quilts, try laying them in a closed room with several bowls of vinegar for a couple of days.

Good luck,

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