Thursday, July 06, 2006

Birthday girl~

Today is my daughter's 23d birthday! I don't have access to many of my pictures, since we're still living in the motel and most of our stuff is still piled up in boxes at the house, so I only have one to post of her, I would have liked to post at least one baby pic, too, darn it! This was taken at my favorite place, Shipshewana, Indiana, and the little guy is Charlie, Taiya's nephew-in-law (aka Charlie Snoozlebucket).
I'm being completely unbiased when I say that she's intelligent, beautiful and strong, (and has great hair and can unload a truck of birdseed in no time at all if necessary!) I won't go on and on, though I certainly could. Happy birthday, Taiya!!
On this date in history, Marc Chagall was born (in 1887), and so was Jim Gaffigan (Hot Pockets!), and little Samantha Smith made her trip to the Soviet Union (1983), I actually remember that one. In other big July 7th news Sandra Day O'Connor was the first woman nominated to the US Supreme Court (1981), and in 1978 Solomon Islands gained independence from Britain, Now I'll have to look up the Solomon Islands and find out where they are or it will bug me. I'm sure a few other things happened on that date, but we'll leave it at that.

We are scheduled to move back home tomorrow. Not sure how excited I am about it since it's still a big mess. I'm really not impressed with the cleaning company, it doesn't seem like they plan things very well. My idea would be:
1. Have the builders repair damage done by fire & firemen.
2. Soda blast attic and have insulation blown in.
3. Clean everything.
4. Return house to normal.
Their idea was:
1. Start cleaning.
2. Have builders do work and spread more insulation, plaster dust and other stuff through rooms just cleaned.
3. After a month, soda blast attic and not realize that houses built around 1870 aren't built like modern ones and the soda with mold and burnt ash in it will blow thoroughout the house, dirtying even the rooms spared by the fire.
4. Clean some more.
5. Suck gross stuff out of attic and re-insulate it (we're not actually to this point yet).
6. Clean some more.
7. God only knows.

I swear I'm not a complainer, but I'm just getting really frustrated here. I got my quilting/sewing room painted and they cleaned the carpet, then I re-washed everything after the soda blasting incident. My DH built me some great shelves in the closet (they're already filled... man, do I ever have too much stuff), so I started unpacking some boxes to try to find my craft goodies. The boxes are such a jumble of unrelated items from different rooms that I just don't get how they even managed it. How did one piece from my husband's electric shaver implements from the bathroom get in the same box as the business checkbook that was under the bed in our bedroom? Would you even pack up someones checkbook? I wouldn't. They actually packed up various tools and drill bits and stuff that had been laying out because things were being worked on at the time. It's like a weird twisted scavenger hunt for stuff that we've been looking for this last month. Okay, I'm going to quit complaining, but I could go on for at least another five paragraphs.
I just bought the new Janet Evanovich book, Twelve Sharp, and am going to start reading it very soon for therapy. She is so funny, and I really need 310 pages worth of chuckles, snickers and snort-milk-out-your-nose guffaws. If you haven't read her books, don't start with this one! Start with number one, I don't remember the name but I know you can google it. Unless you're like my mom, then you will call your daughter and have her google it and tell you. Mom's on-line and everything but that's usually how it goes and hey, she's my Mom so it's not a problem.


Blogger Claire said...

One For the Money :-) I agree they are a great read and I was dissapointed that I couldn't find a copy today when I was shopping (perhaps a delayed release in Australia?).

I can understand the frustration regarding the things going on at your house! We are currently renovating, so I feel you pain there LOL. It will be better soon.


1:02 AM  
Blogger downunderdale said...

Hope you get everything shipshape soon - I shall stop complaining about my tradies now I have read about your cleaners

5:50 PM  

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