Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another day in Shipshewana

Tuesday was a good day, on the way back from Mishawaka I stopped in Shipshewana (Indiana) and hung around there for a while. It was a beautiful day, about 80 degees with a bit of a breeze, it would have been perfect if I had had some company. I really miss the kids on days like this, they used to go to Shipshy with me a lot.
The carousel is up and running, it's so great! I couldn't get a good pic, too many people milling about. See my February blog for more info on the artists.

Town was busier than I expected for a Tuesday this late in the year. Lots of senior citizens, I guess the younger families are home getting ready for school. There's a new bead store in town, very nice little shop, hope that one stays around.

I ran across this lovely sight on the way home. I just love finding a field of sunflowers, just driving along and all of the sudden there it is! I wish I could have all our fields planted in sunflowers every year.


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