Monday, August 07, 2006


Yes, I have run away to Mishawaka.
That would be the city in Indiana named for the legendary 19th century Shawnee Indian princess Mishawaka, daughter of invading Shawnee Chief Elkhart (His town is nearby). My DH left early this morning to work in Peru, no not THAT Peru- the one in Indiana. He called later in the day asking if I'd like to meet him down here, so I got up and got packing. I'm so tired of unpacking boxes and cleaning our post-fire home, so I was definitely ready to get out of there. I'm looking forward to a weekend away (I'm thinking Traverse City) but in the meantime I'm settling for an overnight in Mishawaka.
If you're ever passing through, let me tell you that they have a Houlihan's restaurant here. We haven't been to one in about 6 years, since we visited Minnesota, but have kept our eye out for one. Unfortunately, they didn't have the salad with the strawberries anymore, but they had excellent Stuffed Chicken Breast. It was stuffed with herbed cream cheese, and was so incredibly good. My DH got the Salmon, but he was lusting over my chicken after I gave him a bite. We go to Shipshewana pretty regularly, so we'll be skipping over here to try some more good stuff, there were a few other things on the menu I want to try. Wish I had taken my camera in, the inside was really unique.

We haven't tried the dessert yet, it's a strange looking strawberry cheesecake. I'm pretty sure it's appearance won't be a big problem for us.
We haven't had much time to look around, but it seems to be a pretty nice area. Everything around here looks brand new, I'm guessing that about 5 years ago this was all farms and corn fields. There are still a few corn fields mixed in that haven't been turned into malls or restaurants yet.


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