Sunday, August 20, 2006

Such an addict!

I wasn't able to post pics yesterday, and today my internet wasn't working all day. I had plenty of other things to keep me busy today, but it sure bugs me to know that I can't get on here and check my mail, the weather, read blogs &c.
I still have more pics from Shipshewana I wanted to share, this picture is from a restaurant on the top floor. The inside has a variety of vintage tables, it's so charming, and outside there are tables on the rooftop so you can look around the town while eating lunch or a piece of homemade pie.

I love the tree that they put in the stairway, wish I could show the whole thing, it's huge! There are 4 floors in the building and the tree goes all the way from the bottom to the top.
Can someone tell me how to make a link to another page using html so I don't have to type out the entire web address? This computer stuff is sure making me feel old, both my boys can do about anything on the computer, my theory is that that stole away with certain important brain cells when I was carrying them, that would explain a LOT.
Thanks for the tips about getting pictures to upload Dawn ! (See, I learned how already!)
Next week: the Bag Factory in Goshen!


Blogger Dawn said...

Oh darn, and I so love pictures. I've tried 2 other things and it has worked well when blogger has problems with pictures. Not always, but sometimes. Try loading them via blogger with Mozilla Foxfire as the browser - this works for some reason sometimes. And another thing I've tried is renaming the pictures first on my hard drive and then try loading. I think there is some strange thing where they get loaded to that doesn't like a lot of the same names, so if I name it different it loads.

5:28 AM  
Blogger Linda_J said...

If you use the google toolbar, one of the optional buttons is a big orange button that says "Blog This". It will write the link for you in a separate window---copy/paste it to the edit html page and possibly change the word you want to fit the context of the sentence. between the brackets.

That is my only suggestion other than getting used to writing a href=" and all the brackets, etc.

6:42 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

If your writing a link in your blog, there is a button on the create page that looks like 2 chains (links). Click that button and the second line is where you put the web address of the page or picture you want to go to. It already puts in the http:// so watch out for that. I usually open the page I want in another browser window and then click on the chain, delete what is in the second text box and then copy and paste from the address bar of the other browser window into that box. If I've throurghly confussed you email me, I can send pictures with directions.

I'm loving you ship pictures! I just saw my friend who has been there 3 times already this summer. Now I know why she goes! I told her all about your pictures and me drooling!

7:27 PM  
Blogger The Calico Cat said...

I "hyperlink" like Dawn explained.

BTW some blogs have "permalink" so that you can link only the 1 post instead of the blog address for easier "sharing." (Not all of them have this capability.)

For example, mine does. So you would click on the "time" (11:31 am) to get a permalink to my post about my cat in the box. The address would be:
in the link box (that Dawn described) instead of
for the general page. So that if you wanted to share differnt blogs that have cat photos and wanted to get people right to the photo with out haveing to scroll through the other stuff that is how you would do it.

I hope that was not too confusing. :o)

6:33 AM  
Blogger Judy said...

Thanks for visiting over at my blog!!

I do what Dawn does, I highlight the word I want to make into a link, then open a new internet window. I go to the site, copy the address, then click back to my post on the other page. Click the little button that has a world and 2 chain links on it and a box will open up, already highlighted, and just hit paste or (Ctrl+V for paste) It changes to a link.

12:11 PM  

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