Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Turkey Tale

Look who was wandering around my back yard! We have turkeys in the woods around here, but have never seen one in the yard before. He looked like he was a bit disoriented, he wandered around for a while & headed back to the woods. After all the hot days, we finally got a break. It rained like crazy yesterday and today was much cooler, around 80 degrees, I think. The flowers are happy and so are the people!

The Cosmos are one of my favorite flowers, I love the color of the orange ones, and how because of their skinny stems they look like they're floating above their greenery.
I'm still emptying out boxes, hanging pictures, we have a ways to go on getting the house back in order. I've also been doing some quilting on the tree wall-hanging. I'll post another pic when it's done.


Blogger Dawn said...

Sue, I"m browsing through your blog tonight and just enjoying all your pictures so much! The flowers in this post as well as that sunflower field you saw are to die for. I love flowers, but am not one to grow them - I just like to look! And I LVOE the picture of the turkey! I have to catch up on why you were in the Mishawaka (sp?) area. My daughter goes to school at Purdue and has friends who live in that area so she goes there quite a bit to visit.

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