Monday, September 18, 2006

A fun week!

I had such a great week with my son, Jason, who was visiting from Seattle. This picture is from the Allegan County Fair, I just love that sign. The fair is pretty disappointing, I just like to go see the booths with crafts, art, and photographs. I think it was probably pretty great back in the late 1800s, I can imagine the families filling the streets walking to the fairgrounds, greeting friends along the way. I imagine there was a lot of controversy over which lady won the highest honors for her pie and which farmer had the biggest pumpkin. I know they took these things very seriously, they used to have big write-ups about it in the old newspapers.
I really got Jas hooked on The Lost, I put on the first episode and then he wanted to see both season 1 & 2 before he went home! Luckily neither of us can sleep until practically the break of dawn, we got through most of it, and he caught the last couple of hours in the car on the ride to the airport in Chicago. Told ya he was toast!
Anyway.....wonder if you can guess where else we went? Yup, Shipshewana, Indiana. I wasn't even going to suggest it because I didn't think he'd be interested, but HE wanted to go, so I was forced into it- heh.heh. Can you believe that some of the stores are already decorating for Christmas? Man, I don't want to even think about that yet, though I guess it would be a good idea to buy some presents instead of waiting until mid-December like usual.

For those of you who haven't been there yet, here is a little incentive.
Through these doors are all the candies that you loved when you were a kid. The prices have changed a bit though! They didn't even need the candy to get me in there, they got me with those beautiful doors.
You can take a ride in an Amish buggy for about $5 a person. It's not a very big town, so I'm not sure where they take you. We've always meant to do that and for some reason never get around to it. Somehow we always get to the fabric shop and the bakery, though. Hmmmm.......


Blogger Deb H said...

I love Shipshiwanna. THere's a restaurant there that has the best food, it's name escapes me, but I think it had something to do with a blue gate... You asked where in Michigan I came from, it was Muskegon. I went to Orchard View HS, Muskegon Community College, & Hackley Hospital School of Nursing. I moved to Alaska in 1982.

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