Sunday, September 03, 2006

Let's try this-

Ha- got the photo on here after all. This is the second part of today's entry, blogger was giving me trouble. This is the quilt top I'm working on, I really liked using these colors when I started (real different from what I usually use), but I'm not sure if it will work in our room now.

I also got another postcard done for
FFAC, I'm having fun with these. I found the cute little fishy beads in the new bead store in Shipshewana and I love the beads that look like rocks, I actually found those at Wal-mart (ours has a great bead selection).Sorry I can't get a better pic to show the beads more clearly, I need to borrow my daughter's camera for things like this.

Would you believe we're still not completely done unpacking boxes from when we had the fire? I need an obsessive compulsive best-friend, I swear. I have looked in all the boxes, though. The cleaning company took a couple of boxes of books from my craft room to ozone (to get rid of the smoke smell) and only brought back one box. Naturally these were some of my favorite books; books by Earlene Fowler, Janet Evanovich & Jennifer Chiaverini to mention a few. They say they don't have them, that they were returned, so I told them to feel free to come over and point them out to me. It's so frustrating. They also 'lost' an afgan my grandmother made, the only thing I had of hers that she made. It makes me sick to think that it's gone, but they say they returned it. I'm hoping it turns up with someone else's stuff, and that they have the decency to return it to me if it does. The cleaning company's attitude is awful, they said that they always take pictures of everything that leaves a house but didn't "this time". I hope to at least get reimbursed for the books, though I have no way of knowing what they all were.
BTW- that ozoning is awful for some items, they took some dolls and stuffed animals of mine and they came back with orangy stains on them, and they feel weird, unnatural somehow. I'm not even sure what ozoning is, it didn't seem to damage the books at all. I had read that it's not a good idea to do that to quilts, they offered to take mine and ozone them, but I chose to just have the older ones hand vacuumed by a cleaning company in Kalamazoo (Paris Cleaners). So glad for that, they were extremely nice, very professional, and did a great job on our clothes, curtains & etc.


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I didn't know about the postcard thing, that's pretty awesome! :D You are so crafty and creative... I LOVE having a mom like that!

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