Sunday, October 29, 2006

Another day in the life.....

Things sure don't go as planned, at least for us. I made plans for DH & I to stay overnight in a nice room with a whirlpool in Shipshewana, mostly just to get him away from home for a while. He's away pretty much every weekday for work, and on the weekends he works like crazy around here. If I want him to relax at all, I have to take him away somewhere. Things started out well, but the bed was so uncomfortable in the room where we stayed that neither of us got any sleep. Saturday was nice in Shipshy, it was cold and windy, but at least the sun was out and we didn't get the expected rain. We got home Saturday afternoon, both really tired and ready to take a rest for a while, and found out that the power had been out for a couple of hours due to the high winds. Our outdoor woodburner won't heat the house if we don't have power, so Steve went to get the generator going, but it wasn't working right, it's kind of old. Next stop, Home Depot, man have we spent too much time and money there in the last year. We spent a fortune, got a new generator, it did work (pretty much) but the electric start didn't work, so that's a problem for another day. I feel so bad for Steve, he works really hard and then he comes home and something always breaks down. He's probably getting afraid to call me on Friday in case I have bad news!
Today is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the sky is such a beautiful bright blue with big fluffy clouds. Such a nice change from the rainy weather we've had lately. I hope we get a walk in this afternoon, we both need the exercise and this is the perfect day for it.
I just finished reading "A Schoolteacher in Old Alaska; The Story of Hannah Breece edited by Jane Jacobs. It was put together from letters she wrote to people over the years. It's interesting to read about her life, but since the book is taken from her letters and so many things happened between those letter writings, the story is kind of choppy. It really made me realize what a wimp I am though. She was describing her living conditions, and how her cottage would get cold at night (sometimes 40 BELOW!) and she would have to get up in the morning and heat up an iron to carry in her hands so she could walk to the schoolhouse and get the fire going. It would be so cold some days that it was practically unbearable even with the iron in her hands and she would "weep like a child". That's the least of what she went though, but she was dedicated to teaching the children the little villages of Alaska where few teachers cared to venture.

Next I'm going to read The Memory Keeper's Daughter, I've seen a few bloggers mention it as a good book and I spotted it at a used book store recently so I grabbed it. I'm also hooked on two new series thanks to the blogs I've read, Grey's Anatomy & Gilmore Girls. I'd seen bits a pieces of both before, but I don't like watching a series unless I can see every show, I don't want to miss anything important in the story. I love Netflix for that reason, I can rent the series discs without having to worry about how long I take to watch it.
Time to go have some dinner. We're having my niece and her fiance over for dinner and guess what......the GRILL BROKE!!


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My sil just read that book and gave it to me to read - I'm going to be starting it soon. Your pics are beautiful. Sorry to hear things didn't go so well over the weekend!

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