Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another rainy day.....

Fall is really here now, just in the last day or two the colors have changed a lot. My daughter, SIL & I went to Shipshewana today, it's a great time of year to visit because everything is decorated up for fall & halloween. I have a couple more fall pics I wanted to post, but blogger isn't going for it, so maybe another day. We've had so much rain lately, today it rained on & off all day. I was hoping it would be different in Indiana, but no such luck. Of course being around the Amish made me think about the tragedy that happened in Pennsylvania a couple of days ago, and wonder how it would affect the Indiana Amish. When we got to the main 4 corners of town there were people on three of the corners, one groups was singing and somebody was yelling. Two signs were being waved, the one in the picture below and another that said something about fornicators & adulterers. On the other corner some guy had a blown up poster of a baby all cut to pieces & bloody and was yelling in people's car windows about abortion. I'm not going to give my views on the subject of abortion here, but I can't imagine that he can really believe he's going to reach anyone that way. It was really a gross picture blown up to a very large size and children should definitely not be seeing such a thing. There were two young girls standing with the sign wavers that were dressed as the Amish, but I have a hard time believing that any Amish would do that. The men were all dressed in regular street clothes, so I have to wonder if they just got the girls dressed that way to make people think of the Amish girls that were killed in Pennsylvania. I'm sure they were thinking that they're doing something useful, but I can't imagine anyone changing because of what they were doing.


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