Saturday, November 18, 2006

Galena- woohoo!

This is the Farmer's Guest House, where we're staying on our weekend in Galena, Illinois. It was built in 1867, apparently so-named because the farmers used to stay here when they visited town for business in the old days.
It's a pretty awesome town, I must say. So many beautiful old houses and buildings that it's amazing. Where we live most of the old towns burnt to the ground once or twice. They'd get started and usually take out the whole block or the whole town because they didn't have a good way to deal with the fire back then.

This town somehow escaped that, but they did have their own problems since they're on the Mississippi river and have been flooded over the years. Now they have big berms along the river's edge and huge flood gates that they can close when the water gets too high, I was shocked to see that, I'd never seen such a thing before. The town was bigger than Chicago in the mid-1800s, but from what I've read things went bad in the lead mining industry when lead was found to be dangerous (The town is named for galena, an ore of lead).
This is our room. It's so nice, the owners have decorated it so nicely, right down to the small details. The green cupboard holds a cute collection of little shoes. They go all out on their Christmas decorating, it's really a charming place. We've never stayed at a B&B, I thought it might be a little uncomfortable staying in someone's house, but Kathie & Jess & Charlie are really nice and made us feel very welcome.
Talk about a mile of bad road, can you imagine trying to get your horse and carriage up this hill? This is blocked off so it can't actually be driven on, but it sure gives you an idea of how different life was back then. We were told that about 100 years ago the town flooded up to the second story of the buildings downtown, I hope to go to the museum tomorrow and get a book about the history of the town, it seems like a really intersting place.

Oh yeah, there is a quilt store here, but nothing really special. I was disappointed that a lot of the shops sell 'stuff', you know what I mean, just junk that you can get anywhere. Or just junk. But there are so many shops here, and some are wonderful. They have an awesome store for knitters, I don't knit but I wanted to start after going there. They also have a wonderful bead store that I could have spent the whole day in. And FOOD, yikes, good thing we we're walking a LOT. Did I mention that they make their own wine here, too? I rarely drink because of my diabetes, but DH gives his approval. Okay, I'm done going on about it for now, but can you tell that I'm having a good time? *grin*


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