Sunday, November 26, 2006

Something finished, yea!

I finished quilting the Fancy Grandmother's Flower Garden! I wanted it finished before Thanksgiving, so I could show my MIL that I had it done, I didn't make it, but I was close. She gave me another of Grandma Glenn's quilt tops (she was my DH's grandmother). I got to pick from a few, and the one I picked is similar to the one I picked last year, except that this one is a traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden.

I love patchwork and especially in vintage fabrics. Patchwork was not Grandma Glenn's favorite, probably the reason that these weren't ever quilted, but the family sure seems to enjoy them, when I picked this top my MIL & SIL were saying; "Mom had an apron made from that print that she wore all the time", "Do you remember that dress Grandma had that was from the fabric in that block?", "She made me a blouse from that fabric!". It makes me wish I'd saved my kid's favorite clothes as they were growing up and made them each a quilt, I love that when people have such a connection to a quilt. I'm going to wait a while to quilt this one, though, enough hexagons for a while! I do love it though, I can't imagine what it was that Grandma Glenn found less desirable about patchwork quilts. Maybe because her family was poor when she was growing up. Being able to go out and buy nice fabrics to make any quilt she wanted might have seemed preferable to her, since people with less resources used to make patchwork quilts more often than not because they didn't have the option to go out and buy any fabric they wanted. Just a guess, she never said.
I'm working on another UFO now, I should be able to get it done before Christmas. It's a candlewicked & embroidered Christmas tree skirt. I found the kit at a yard sale, partly done, and thought I'd sell it on eBay or something. I ended up working on it myself (don't ask how many years I had it!) and then last year my old tree skirt finally fell apart so I made myself finish it. I'm just doing some large curls in hand quilting to hold this together, I don't think the design needs a lot of quilting, just enough to hold it together. I really need to get this done quickly as I want to make some Christmas presents. I love working on things like this at this time of year, it really gets me in the mood for the holidays. My kids used to tease me for starting to listen to Christmas music in October, but if feel like the holidays fly by too fast, I like to enjoy the feeling for as long as I can!
This is another little item I just finished. I'm exchanging some cards with some other quilters that I met on-line, this one is going to Australia! It's fun working on fabric postcards, I get to play around with a lot of different fabrics, as well as using beads, embroidery floss (you can't see it, but some of the stars are shiny, made of some cool metallic floss I found, as is the wreath on the door) and I even got to use fairy dust on this project.
This Christmas will probably be kind of a bummer for me, my sons can't come home from California because of their jobs, and my daughter & her husband are going to visit their grandparents in Florida. We're going to celebrate Christmas in January when my daughter & SIL get back home. I'm going to look at the bright side, this way the season will be stretched out a bit, so that after-Christmas slump will start a bit later!


Blogger KCQuilter said...

Oooh, love those Grandmother Flower Garden quilts! Thanks for sharing!

6:12 AM  
Blogger QuiltingFitzy said...

Just found your blog today, I had alot of fun reading! I've got you bookmarked.

(Born in Jackson!)

9:14 AM  
Blogger Jane Ann said...

More of Grandma's treasures ... what a treat for us that you share them!

"... since people with less resources used to make patchwork quilts more often than not because they didn't have the option to go out and buy any fabric they wanted."

I'm reminded of one of my homeys, Dolly Parton (she grew up just a county or two away from me--I recall her as a teenager on local television), and her poignant song, "Coat of Many Colors." It's about a patchwork coat her mother made for her when she was very young, that she thought was beautiful until the other schoolchildren ridiculed it and reminded her of her poverty. I'm sure she would love to have that coat today. (Or maybe not; pain like that can last forever.)

10:27 AM  
Blogger Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Love the hexagons - I'm starting to think about making a traditional 30s flower garden. I can't believe it! Love the way you used the fabric design on the roof on the postcard.

5:23 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Oh your grandmother's tops you are finishing are true treasures! I"m glad your finishing them!

8:50 PM  

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