Thursday, December 14, 2006

Merry, Merry!

It just doesn't feel like Christmas-time since the snow melted, hard to believe that last week we were knee deep in the stuff. We finally got our tree up, the picture doesn't make it look too great, but it's really pretty. We like real trees, when the kids were little we used to tromp out in the woods and cut our own, but now we just go buy one. Well, there was that one year that I found one that fell off a truck, ha!

My daughter wanted to use my old ornaments this year instead of our usual conglomeration of whatever is in the boxes. Not all the ornaments are vintage, but most are. Unfortunately they're not passed down through the family, not sure what happened to those ornaments, these are ornaments I've found at garage sales. This sled is a display that we saw in Shipshewana yesterday when my daughter and I were there, very cute! I was surprised that the town wasn't decorated up as much as usual for Christmas. Maybe a bit of snow would have helped. The inside of the Davis building had a lot of really nice displays, they always do things up right. I also noticed that a few shopkeepers actually said "Merry Christmas", that was nice. I'm just not going to really be able to get into the holiday spirit with my family not being here. We'll be celebrating Christmas with my daughter and her husband in January when they get back from their Florida vacation, that will be fun, but my boys can't come home. I really miss the old days (wah!), I had all those years to adjust to the kids growing up, but I miss them terribly anyway.
Have you noticed that EVERYBODY is sick? It seems like every blogger whose blog is read is either sick or her family is. I'm glad I went ahead and got the flu shot this year, I don't usually get sick much anyway, but I guess it's a good idea to be careful now that I'm getting so incredibly ancient.
I have actually been working on some projects, mostly beadwork, but I can't show any pictures just in case some particular people might happen to check out my blog. I should have done a lot more, but I've just been dragging lately.

And here is a pic from the olden days, I'm pretty sure this was about 1989, that little dude is about 6 foot tall now. Dang, haven't seen that couch for quite a few years!


Blogger Angie said...

Your tree is beautiful, Sue! I still have to have a real tree too. Must get my picture up on my blog. Those snowmen on that quilt are adorable, and every time I see a sled decorated like that I want one. LOL Those kiddies are adorable! Wonderful memories for you!

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Jane Ann said...

"Well, there was that one year that I found one that fell off a truck, ha!"

Isn't that where the Mafia always find their stuff?? ;-)

I have a dear friend who moved a few years ago. The first Christmas in the new house she couldn't find her ornaments anywhere. Finally they realized they'd been left in the attic in the old house. They called the new owners, who swore they never found any ornaments in the attic. It just broke her heart. Of course, she didn't realize it until Christmas, so it was a sad tree indeed for them that year. This past year she started splurging on Christopher Radko ornaments, just to make herself feel a little better over her loss. She's mixing in old Shiney Brite ornaments that she buys on eBay, so her tree won't look so new. Love your old ones.

8:08 PM  
Blogger spawnofwillow said...

Hey! I know the girl in that picture... ;) She sure was a cutie! :D Haha...

11:52 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Oh what pretty decorations and pictures and... memories. Look at that old picture!!!! Hmm, maybe I should haul some old ones out!!!

12:47 PM  

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