Sunday, January 21, 2007


This is another picture from a few days ago when there was a layer of ice on everything. It was so beautiful, it looked like a different planet. I had a hard time getting into town without going off the road because I couldn't stop noticing the effect the ice had on the different trees and bushes it landed on, it was awesome! I've been reading some blogs written by ladies living in Washington, and it's funny how different it is out there. They get a little bit of snow or ice and have to stay home for a few days. Around here it would take at least 3 feet or more to keep anybody home for one day! I'm not making fun of them, they don't have the road equipment to deal with that, probably not even the same kinds of tires on their cars, it's just funny how different things are across the country.

I don't have any quilt pics to show today, I've been working mostly on repairing my son's quilts (just about done!). I did get my postcards done for the January swap. We're supposed to be doing a set for each season, but they already decided to add Valentine's Day, so I'm guessing they may add more to the list later. They're fun to work on, they can be as simple or as detailed as we choose, pretty much anything goes. I need to use this opportunity to try some new techniques, there are so many interesting things going on with art quilts. I won't be using any wooden matches or pop bottle caps, but I may visit the hardware store and pick up some little washers and other metal do-dads.

I guess I could show you my little sewing kit that I made a while back. I made my own pattern for it, couldn't find a pattern that had everything the way I wanted it. It gave me the opportunity to use some of those cute old prints that I only had small pieces of. I love the little boy and girl on the fence, sorry I didn't get a closer pic!
That's about it, now it's time to go read some blogs!

Monday, January 15, 2007


This is the view outside my kitchen window today, we have about 1/2 inch layer of ice on everything. At least our power stayed on, so I shouldn't be complaining. Ice like this just causes so many accidents & problems, fortunately my DH made it to Chicago fine this morning. According to the news we'll be getting more snow over the next few days, hopefully not a deluge.
Fortunately I didn't have go anywhere today, I just had a nice, boring day hanging around the house.

My oldest son sent his wedding quilt and a lap quilt that his wife made so that I could make repairs on them, so I've been doing that the last couple of days. When I made the wedding quilt I used fabric pieces that probably ranged from the 1940s-1990s. It's been about 7 years and some of the fabrics were disintegrating.
Some of the older fabrics held up real well, and I think the older prints really make the quilt, so I guess I wouldn't have done it differently. I think I have it all fixed up and I doubt they'll be able to spot the places that were repaired, so it's all good. My oldest son was the first to be married, so he got the more traditional wedding quilt. My daughter's wedding quilt is also a Double Wedding Ring, but with a blue background and batik fabrics. Not sure what I'll do for my youngest son if he ever gets married. I'd like his to be unique, too. Guess I have some time to think about that one.

I've also been working on some fabric post cards for a swap with some other quilters on-line. I'm supposed to be doing a January theme, but I'm kind of being drawn in other directions. I guess the snow on the mountains is pretty January-ish. I haven't figured out what other embellishments I want to put on this yet, I have to look at it a bit longer.

I am soooo ready for a long nap. My daughter just gave me The Illusionist to watch, and I really want to see it, but I'm about ready to fall asleep here. As far as reading, I was kind of disappointed in The Tenth Circle that I mentioned in an earlier post. Now I'm reading Walden Two Experiment, about the Twin Oaks Commune that was started back in the 60s (old book, but the community still exists). Also reading The Christmas Quilt, not sure if I'll finish this one, and it's rare for me to quit on a book once I've started. Okay, time to get off here and do some jumping jacks or something to wake myself up. Guess I could jump in the pond, bet THAT would do the trick.....

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Warning: Extreme CUTENESS

This is the quilt top that I've been working on for my niece, isn't that adorable? Of course it looks all wonky because it's hanging on my curtain, but I promise it's all straight and nice in real life. The pattern is from the booklet "Peek-a-boo Crib Set" by Amy Bradley Designs. I already had a baby quilt done for her, but when I saw this at the local quilt shop, I just couldn't resist making one. Not sure what I'll do about the quilting, I usually hand quilt but there's a lot of fusing here. I may have someone machine quilt it for me. The first time around I hired the Machine Quilter From Hell, but I know that most quilters aren't like her, so I'm willing to give it another try.

Even though it's been a rainy, dreary day and we didn't get to take a walk again, I consider it a good day. I got the quilt top done, and I got a phone call from Sardinia, Italy! My youngest son (Alex) is there, and he hasn't been able to call home much because of the cost, so it was great to hear from him. His traveling buddy, Patrick, has family in Sardinia, so for a few days they're going to actually be able to sleep in beds and eat normal meals (BIG meals apparently!). He said they sat down to eat & ended up having a 6 course meal. He hadn't expected that, so he ate a LOT in the first couple of courses and was quite stuffed by the second dessert. I never even heard of a second dessert. Sounds like fun though.

Alex and Patrick were sitting around recently and one of them said "We should go to Europe!" ....and so a couple of weeks later they did, can you imagine? So glad he's like that, I would have come up with a hundred reasons why it wasn't a good idea, or we couldn't afford it, or whatever, which is probably why I've never been to Europe! I'm so jealous, they were in Paris on New Years, have been to Germany, Venice & Rome.....I can't wait to see the pictures. That's Alex in the picture above, I don't have a lot of pictures of him since he moved to California, but I like this one- because it's a picture of him talking on the phone to me.

Not sure what to work on next, I'm really trying to get some UFOs done, and have made some progress. I just finished a candlewicked Christmas tree skirt that has been sitting around here for years, have done some work on the Amish Ocean Wave & have finished a baby sized quilt top for charity. Next I guess I'd better work on three postcards I need to make for an on-line swap, those are due by the end of the month. Tomorrow will be the first $5 block of the month class for the new year. We're doing 2-color quilts and I picked blue & white, I'm looking forward to see what it will look like.

I've been trying to take time to read more, I have SO many books piled up around here and keep finding more to add to the pile. I just finished The Historian, which I really liked, and am now reading The Tenth Circle, which I just started (but so far so good!).