Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

I actually got my cards done for the Valentines swap I signed up for on-line, but I didn't get to send them yet. We've been hit with bad weather yet again, more snow, winds and cooooooold. I'm so ready for spring, or at least a little bit of sun. We really need to find somewhere to live that has shorter winters, though I don't think I'll ever want to move somewhere like Florida or Arizona. I love the change of seasons, but time seems to slow down so much between January and spring.

I've been a bit busier than usual lately, my daughter and were planning a baby shower for my niece. I never actually gave a baby shower before & there was more to it than I thought there would be. I agonize too much over things like that, worry about everything going just right. I think it went well, though, everybody seemed to have a good time. I did actually get her baby quilt & wall hanging done in time, it's a miracle! Guess all this snowy weather is good for something, it keeps me home long enough to get some work done.

Here's Meggie with her wall hanging. I also made her a baby quilt, a pretty simple one, made from 4" blocks. I like to keep the baby quilts fairly simple or people don't want to actually use them.
I was amazed by the awesome things they have for babies these days, much nicer than the stuff they had when my kids were babies. Even the baby tub is greatly improved. Makes me wonder how much things will change by the time another 20 years passes.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ok people!

Whoever was wishing for lots of snow, cut it out!

I don't even know how much we've had over the last week, but it's definitely enough. One day last week we got at least 12 inches and I had to go out twice to plow the driveway. I hate spending more time plowing than I spend sewing. It is beautiful, but it sure is hard on everybody and has caused some deaths. Our high today was 5 degrees, just a bit chilly. It was hard to find a time that I could take a pic, the winds keep kicking up and causing white-outs.

I did get some quilting done, I've made a bit of progress on the Amish Ocean Wave. I saw a quilt like this at the Mennonite Relief auction a couple of years ago and decided I had to make one. This takes some time, maybe because I take so much time trying to decide how to set the pieces for each block. I need someone to come in and just lay them out quickly so I don't spend so much time on it. I wish I could afford to have some Amish or Mennonites quilt it for me, the quilts at the Mennonite auction had the tiniest little stitches, they do a great job.
I finished the baby quilt just in time. My daughter and I are having a baby shower for my niece, Megan, next week. I haven't been to one in many years, so I hope we're able to make it a fun day for her. I can't wait to meet her daughter, Mikaylah Alice, in a couple of months.
I also wanted to say that I really appreciate the comments that are left, even if I don't respond to every one. I don't always know what to say in reply, guess I've been a hermit too long! When I first heard about blogs I thought it sounded like a silly idea, but I could probably spend the whole day reading blogs now (mostly quilt related blogs, of course!). I learn a lot, and am really inspired by your words, your ideas, your artwork. So thank you for blogging!