Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back Home Again

I'm betting the majority of you can guess where we were on vacation by looking at this photo (that's our son, Alex). Both our boys live in California, near San Francisco, and we finally got to visit them. It was a great time, March is not my favorite time in Michigan. When we left we had knee high snow, but fortunately it almost all melted while we were gone. We had beautiful weather in California, the bay area is really nice. Beautiful, but too many people and too expensive for me.

I do love these poppies, they were all over. Everything was blooming; daffodills, day lilies, honeysuckle....all kinds of beautiful flowers & shrubs. We didn't do a lot of the touristy things, we just wanted to relax and see the boys. My brilliant oldest son did take me to San Francisco to the Britex fabric store, though. It's like heaven, 4 floors of every kind of fabric, even hand woven fabric from Nepal, it was amazing. I so wish I lived near it, I'd be in there every day. If you quilt, sew or make crafts, and you ever go to San Francisco, you must go there.

We also went to Monterey, we went to the wharf & also drove down the
17 Mile Drive which is wonderful. Some rich and famous people live there (I think Clint Eastwood lives there or used to), the drive takes you past some huge and very expensive homes, but also some great views of the ocean. Well worth the $9 in MHO.

I would have loved to see California as it was when the first settlers arrived there. It must have seemed like heaven after the trip across the desert. Too bad my ancestors got to Michigan & said "Good enough!". Not that I'm complaining about Michigan, I think we're blessed with an abundance of beauty here, but the long winters get tiring and it's definitely not a great place to live right now if you like to work for a living.

(Warning, airline rant follows) Oh, I didn't mention the NIGHTMARE we had getting there. My husband got our tickets through Orbitz, and when we went to check in we were told that we were on standby (we had no idea, nothing we had in our papers told us or we would never have bought those tickets). The lady at the Delta desk told us that Orbitz always overbooks by 10% & we wouldn't be making this flight. We were in South Bend, Indiana, supposed to go from there to Cincinnati & then to San Francisco. She said they could shuttle us to Chicago & we could go from there to Atlanta & on to San Francisco. The shuttle was a van with 7 of us squeezed in, we got to Chicago just as our flight was leaving, so the lady at the Delta desk there said there were no flights that would work out, but she could put us on a flight to Atlanta, to a connecting flight that was scheduled to leave a half hour before we got there, but was supposed to be running late. If we missed it, they'd put us up in Atlanta. She also said our luggage would be on a different flight, so to get what we wanted out of it. We didn't have room in our carry-ons, so we just grabbed night clothes. Soooooo, next we got to Atlanta & of course the flight just left about 5 minutes before we got there, we had to get in line with a bunch of other grouchy people, and when we got to the desk, they guy said there was a flight to Oakland, CA, but we would have to run to get there. We just made it by a hair, and we actually got to ride in First Class. That was pretty cool, I'd like flying a lot more if I could do that every time. Anyway, we did finally get there early the next morning, exhausted and upset, but at least we made it and our son was great about changing plans several times and picking us up. Unfortunately our luggage was still in Atlanta, and we didn't get it for a day and a half (they lost it and said they had no idea where it was). We had to buy clothes as we were getting stinky, and if I still had the baggage claim number the airline would be willing to give us $25 towards what we had to buy. I'd like to see them buy pants, shirt, underwear, socks and toiletries for $25. The airline did give us vouchers for future tickets, but I have to tell you it wasn't worth it, and from what I'm reading in the papers things like that are commonplace now. So be careful when buying tickets on-line, I'll bet it's not just Orbitz that's overbooking flights and that just makes me livid! Every person buying a ticket to those flights has somewhere they need to be, other flights to catch, family waiting for them. It's total bull*%&!* to overbook flights.


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Oh the Poppies and ocean are beautiful! I'm glad you had a good time - even though getting there doesn't sound like too much fun!

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