Saturday, March 03, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Not so much from my perspective, but maybe I'll appreciate it more after I get to California next week. We got about another foot since last night, after it rained off & on for a few days, so it's caused a few traffic deaths. Fortunately we've been able to stay on the roads so far. It seems to be causing some problems for the wildlife around here, we've seen a possom come out of hiding a couple of times down by the pond, the poor thing has a heck of a time struggling through the deep snow. Apparently he's trying to get water from the pond, but I don't think he's had much luck. My kind hearted daughter had to run down and put some corn down by the edge of the pond in case he was hungry.
I just got the picture of these turkeys in our back yard a few minutes ago. We've never had turkeys right in our back yard like this, there were a dozen of them scratching and pecking below our bird feeders. The birds were not too happy about that, they stayed up the trees waiting until the intruders went away to get back to eating.

We're having a hard time keeping the bird feeders full lately, and we have several feeders out there. We love watching them, though. We've had a lot of cardinals lately, they look so bright a pretty against the snow & the brown of the trees. The black capped chickadees are funny, they seem to be the bravest. When we're filling the feeders they flutter around our heads and sit nearby on the branches calling out chick-a-dee-dee-dee. I understand that it's not too hard to train them to eat from your hand, but I'm too impatient to stand still long enough to try it.

My daughter and I actually made it down to Shipshewana, Indiana, this week. I got this cute little hanky at a toy store. They had a few different kinds, wouldn't this make a cute block for a baby quilt? It's made by Schylling Co., and was only $1.95.

Fortunately for me we have to go back to Shipshy next week. We've been looking for a cupboard for the kitchen to go in a spot where we had a window taken out when we added on to the house. The builders did a rather nasty job of filling in where the window was, so we definitely need to cover it up. I've been looking for months for something like a jelly cupboard, and finally found the perfect thing, I think it will fit our house very well. Of course I'll post a pic when we get it home & in place.
Not much progress going on with quilts lately, I've been working on a paper project, and slowly plugging along on this. In a couple of weeks I should have some much nicer pictures (of San Francisco!), our two sons live out in that area and we're finally getting out there to visit them (good timing, eh?). I hope to visit a couple of fabric &/or quilts stores while I'm out there, if you know of any that are outstanding in the San Francisco/San Mateo/San Jose area, please let me know!


Blogger mereth said...

It's supposed to be autumn here in South Australia, so I guess it should be spring over there, right? Doesn't look it with all that snow!
The ocean waves is lovely and bright, keep plodding away on it.

12:20 AM  
Blogger Rose Marie said...

Love the turkey photo! You were really lucky to catch them. All we get in town here are birds, cats, racoons and the occasional fox.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Marcie said...

Love those turkeys-cool photo! I never saw wild turkeys until recently. I saw about 12 of them roosted in a tree on a country road in Minnesota. Maybe they are making a come back. Your Ocean Waves quilt is awesome!

8:03 AM  

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