Thursday, May 31, 2007

Almost June!

Time flies in the spring, I really wish May wouldn't zip by like that, I miss the lilacs & daffodills & tulips. The next few days are supposed to bring a lot of rain, so the grass will probably be pretty deep by the time we can mow it, and the mosquitoes will be thriving. At least we missed the 17 year cicadas. The news at first said our area would probably get them, but now they say the bugs will be near the Michigan/Indiana border & to the south and not this far north. I guess I'll see them sometime when I'm visiting Shipshewana, Indiana.

Actually, I was down there yesterday (saw no cicadas!) with my daughter and a friend of hers who has a 10 month old baby. It's so fun to have a baby around again, and he's such a sweetheart. He was enjoying a bit of ice cream when this was taken (posted with the permission of his mom).
The flea market was going on, but we don't go there much anymore, we like the little town with all the shops. The flea market used to be more interesting, now a lot of it is t-shirts, 'designer' purses, sunglasses, socks and stuff like that. Anyway, I'm totally worn out today, but it well worth it. I got some pretty batik fabric to add to my monstrous stash of batiks and got to ooooohhhh and aaaaaahhh over the new quilts at Lolly's.

I think the Allegan Antiques Market is much more interesting than the Shipshy flea market, Taiya and I went there Sunday. Most years I completely forget that it's the last Sunday of the month, or we have plans on that certain Sunday, but this year I've actually been there twice! It's really huge and though some stuff is still pretty high priced, there are decent deals to be found and there's so much stuff to look at that it's fun even if you don't need anything. I happened to be looking for some new chairs for my kitchen, ours are getting beat up so I'm retiring them until I can get them re-caned and repaired.
I'm going to repaint these, but in different colors (um, no black & red though!), I don't want them to match. Our house is perfect for that mis-matched country look. All I ask is that they're sturdy enough to take some abuse and not fall apart. Furniture has to be pretty tough to make it in this house, this isn't the place for sissy furniture! The black chair was $20 and the green was $18, I thought those were good prices, so much so that I didn't even ask them to take less (I'm slipping!). Now I need to go back next month and find two more, then we'll be all set. And maybe a new cupboard for my craft room.......

Oh yeah, I did actually do some quilting lately. I have two baby quilts for Project Linus, I just need to get to Kalamazoo and drop them off. Unfortunately they have to be dropped off at a fabric store that is right next door to a bigger fabric store and right down the street guessed it, another fabric store!! I need to get some rest before I tackle all that, it may take all day!


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