Monday, May 14, 2007

Hello from Kannapolis

I have landed in the land of Nascar. DH had to come here to North Carolina for work, so I came along. Charlotte & the surrounding area is apparently filling up quickly with people coming to see some big race. I have nothing against Nascar, just haven't ever paid much attention to it, other than watching Taladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Anyway, we've been told that it would be best if we get out of here on Thursday because things are going to get crazy this weekend.

The picture above was taken in Virginia, which I really hope to explore someday. VA & West Virginia are so beautiful (and that's just the view from the highway!). We had such a nice drive down here, the weather was perfect and everything is so pretty right now. I wish I'd been able to get a pic of the poppy fields that they have planted in the middle of some of the highways, thought I might get in a bit of trouble with the state police if I was found stopped by the highway, stopping traffic, trying to get a perfect shot of the pretty flowers. Nothing against North Carolina, BTW, it's beautiful, too, I just haven't seen much of the countryside here, I didn't care much for Charlotte, big cities don't do anything for me.

Of course I brought some quilting along, thought it was about time I made some more baby quilts for donating. Anybody have any good ideas where to donate them? I used to give them to ABC Quilts, until they shut down. I contacted Project Linus, but haven't gotten a reply.

I also cut a bunch of pieces for my Civil War blocks, I always bring way more quilting and reading materials than I have time for, but better to have extra than not have enough. Just finished Jonathan Kellerman's newest book, Obsession, and found a copy of Jane Eyre at the Salvation Army store today right next door to the motel. It was fate!


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