Sunday, May 20, 2007

Home Again

So glad to be home. I enjoyed the trip home more than the entire week in NC. A highlight was the stop in West Virginia at Tamarack (google it!). It's a circular building, the center being a patio where you can sit down & relax or have a bite to eat. Circling around that is a ring-o'-art, many awesome things made by W.VA. artists; quilts, pottery, jewelry, furniture, photographs, & etc. On the outside of that ring are some glassed in rooms where you can watch the artists work, sort of an artist-in-a-box, not sure if I would be able to work too well that way, but it was interesting.
I didn't see anything that gave the name of the quilt artist that made this quilt, nor did I find the name of the person who made this cute little leather coin purse that I bought.

We drove across Ohio, and happened across the original Bob Evan's restaurant, which is on the Bob Evan's homestead. We were too late to visit the homestead or the craft barn, or the quilt show that is going on there (arghhhh!), but we had a great dinner in a nice hometown restaurant. It was exactly what you would expect, chock full of locals who all knew each other, including a cheerleading squad. The waitress was a nice older lady who was sweet as pie, and the food was wonderful. It was kind of out in the boonies, or at least it seemed so to us, so I guess that says a lot about the restaurant.

They have events going on throughout the year, I'd love to get back there for their Christmas Crafts show. Also they're not far from Athens, Ohio, home of the Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center. The brick house is the Bob Evan's homestead, definitely on the list of places to visit at another time.

The windmill was on the homestead property, too. I didn't even have time to run up and read the plaque, we were getting tired and needed to get on the road and find someplace to stop for the night. We ended up in Chillicothe, in a really nice Hampton Inn. I could have spend a lot more time in that motel, it was nearly perfect except for the lumpy floor thing. Seriously, the place was beautiful and looked brand new, but you'd be walking down the hall and all the sudden step down on a dip in the floor, and even in our room the floor was lumpy under the carpet, it was weird. Doesn't surprise me, though. We had work done on our house and had two different contractors who messed up, cut corners, lied extensively, apparently just didn't know how to do some things so faked their way through.
But anyway, back to the fun stuff. Here are a couple more pics from Tamarack. Isn't the desk great?
I think all the quilts there were machine quilted. I prefer hand quilting, but they had some lovely quilts there. A lot of batiks, which I love.

I got the baby quilt I was working on finished before we left North Carolina, but didn't get a pic yet, maybe next time.


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