Sunday, June 24, 2007


Hmmmm, why would I would drag out this particular UFO when I already have a few projects in the works?

And why have I been perusing these two booklets in particular?

That would be because I got the greatest news a couple of days ago, my daughter is going to have a baby! *big smiles* It was actually an accident, she and her hubby were going to wait until she was done with college, but they're happy about it anyway.

I've been wanting a grandbaby for a while, though I was trying to be a good mom and not bug anybody about it too much. What luck, I didn't even need to tamper with the birth control, the pills failed on their own! ;> The doctor said she was the second woman in the last two weeks who had been on that particular pill who was pregnant. They don't have a date yet, she'll find out at the next doctor visit, but I'm thinking around January of next year. So I HAVE to start a baby quilt, and probably make another two or three when we know if it's a boy or a girl. I'll try not to make you all crazy by posting pics of the growing tummy every week, but I have to tell you, I'm really excited!

In my last blog entry I was telling about my Uncle Charley's King family crazy quilt, and how I found the 'sister' to it in a museum in South Carolina, also made by Sarah Elizabeth Jones King. My aunt and uncle asked me to contact the museum because they'd like to donate their quilt, and after sending some pictures, the museum said they do want it! I think it's so great that the two quilts will be together again & so many people will be able to enjoy them for many years to come. I think it was meant to be, the way it all fell together.
If I hadn't been contacted by a cousin who is researching my Schoolcraft family, and if she hadn't been so gung ho about talking to my uncle, which got me looking at his King family history again so I could try to find some new information for him, and if I hadn't found the museum's web site while researching the King family........but things seem to happen like that when doing family research, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Once I heard from a lady who lives in Florida who was researching her family who used to live in Allegan (I've done a lot of research in Allegan, and used to have a newsletter so I get questions from people researching Allegan records from time to time). She wanted to hire me to see if I could find out anything about her grandparents (she didn't have a pic of their home where she used to visit as a child and really wanted one). It turned out that her grandparents used to live in first house my husband and I owned, how's that for a coincidence?

This last picture is of the pier at South Haven, Michigan. It's a great place with nice beaches, a favorite place to visit in the summer. I'm not much for sitting on the beach, but I like to walk the pier, watch the boats come & go, have a nice dinner at Clementines, and visit the shops. Especially one particular antique shop, it's huge! My gr-grandmother used to play in a band on one of the ships that used to take people on day trips way back in the late 1800s, so I guess South Haven is in my blood! Anyway, I guess this post is getting a bit long, hope you're all having a great summer (or whatever season you happen to be in!).


Blogger Karen said...

The tiny bird motifs on the soon-to-be-donated quilt are so amazing. Love the photo of the pier. Congratulations on the baby!

2:38 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

The baby quilt books are very inspiring for a new baby coming soon.
Congrats on soon to become grandma!

9:35 AM  

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