Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4th

It doesn't look like there will be too many fireworks in this area today, at least I hope not. We haven't had much rain and most people seem to be taking the warnings seriously, usually we'd have been hearing them pretty regularly for the last week. Hopefully they'll keep the gunfire down to a minimum too, it freaks out our dogs. After all this time you'd think they'd get used to it.

I wish I had a red, white and blue quilt to show you since it's July 4th, but I don't have one, so my blue and white blocks from the $5 block class will have to do. I think I'll actually like the quilt I make from this year's blocks, but plan to remake a couple of them. I like the different shades of blue, but don't like the aqua colored ones.

I finished another quilt for a charity, do you think anyone would want something this wild and crazy? The photo actually tones down the actual colors a bit. Usually I make very normal babyish quilts in sweet baby colors, I swear! I have all these bright prints and thought I might as well put them to use. Actually I made my niece's baby one even wilder than this, it seemed to suit her much more than a pink quilt with princesses and ballet shoes would. Though I love princesses and ballet shoes and all that girly stuff at times.
Yesterday was one of those up & down days that give a person a new gray hair or two. My daughter woke me up early (I won't tell you what hour is early for me, I can't sleep until the wee hours of the morning most of the time so I sleep later than most humans). Anyway, she had reason to be worried about her pregnancy, so we went to the doctor's office & they did an ultrasound. They said the baby is doing fine, and I got to see my grandbaby's heartbeat (!). That was truely awesome. Pretty much can't make out anything else, the baby is about the size of a peanut at this point. They said she's 8 weeks and two days along and gave her a due date of Feb. 11th. Can't wait to meet that little person. The little sweetheart sticking his tongue out at you is the son of a friend of my daughter. Actually she's one of my 'other daughters' now. So I get to be Grandma Sue, great practice for me! He's really a great little guy, happy almost all the time & fun to have around. This house needs children running around, it just doesn't feel right with no kids in it.

This last pic is a quilt in Lolly's Quilt store in Shipshewana, Indiana. I'm trying to figure out how those Mennonite & Amish women get their stitches so small and neat. I used to think it was practice, but it doesn't seem that way for me. Some days I do pretty well, some days I don't, but past a certain point I don't think I've gotten that much better due to practice.

That's about all the news for today so I guess I'll get back to watching The Painted Veil. Happy Independence Day!


Blogger Deb H said...

Sue, I read the book "How to Improve Your Quilt Stitch", & about 1/2 way through I really did.

I'll get to see my new grand baby in just a few weeks. She's due the 21st! Good luck & congrats on yours.

7:17 PM  
Blogger Exuberant Color said...

Hi Sue, thanks for commenting on my blog. Would you like some seeds? I have 2 shades of pink I can share.
I also got a chance to practice being a grandma with our friends' 2 boys. I think I took more pictures of them than their parents did. Now I have 5 grands of my own.

5:43 PM  

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