Friday, September 28, 2007

The Blackberry Incident (this is a rant)

Let me tell you about Nextel/Sprint. My husband called on September 8th to change his phone plan since he's got a new job & doesn't need all the extra minutes anymore, and being in the car at the time, I heard the conversation.
A few days later I got a Blackberry in the mail.

I called Nextel to ask why they sent it, they didn't know. Somewhere in the conversation with Steve they apparently got a telepathic message to send a Blackberry. I told them I don't want it so of course they had to switch me to another person who asked me the same questions I just answered & I had explain the whole thing again.
After being on hold for several minutes I got an important call & so gave up on Nextel . Next I e-mailed Nextel, explained the whole thing again, gave the appropriate numbers &c. The on-line form wouldn't accept my e-mail addy, said it's not valid.'s valid for everyone else on the planet, but whatever.
I got no reply from my e-mail Nextel for several days, so I called back. Got switched around so I had to explain the whole thing to 3 different people again. Last guy was rude. Told me my phone number wasn't correct because HE had the wrong one. He asked for my e-mail. I told him, "cheshire at btc dash". He asked, "Is that a line in the middle or an underscore after btc?" I said, "It's a dash..... a line in the middle." "It's not an underscore?" "No, it's a dash." "So there's no underscore anywhere?" In my brain I was screaming "NO FREAKING UNDERSCORE!!!", but my Mom raised me to be nice so I didn't say it.

I was pretty sure that he didn't have my e-mail right, but I got tired of going over it again and again. He said it would take 10 minutes to fix the problem & he'd check back every 2 minutes to make sure I was still there & doing okay. About 15 minutes later I hadn't heard a word from the guy and then (surprise!) the call got dropped. ARGHHHHH!
Everyone I talked to was foreign, I have nothing against foreign people, but one of us never understands the other and it's stupid to have that situation in customer service. If someone can't get basic information correct, like your name and e-mail address, then how are they going to take care of problems like this?

My husband called back for me so that I wouldn't have to swear at anyone. He told them he wanted to speak to a supervisor. He, of course, had to get transferred elsewhere & got to repeat the whole thing to a supposed person-in-charge. He angrily went through our whole sad story, I left the room for a bit & come back to hear him saying "No, it's B as in boy, T as in top, and C as in Charlie! No, it's B as in big, T as in tank, C as in cat!!" and repeat, repeat, repeat. After about 10 minutes spent JUST on the e-mail addy they told him they'd send an e-mail with the mailing label before the end of the day. He got off the phone and said, "I'm sure they didn't ge the e-mail right, but what am I supposed to do?" We didn't get that e-mail, so a couple of days later I e-mailed Nextel again.

A few days later I got two e-mails back, one saying they've sent a return package, which we haven't received yet, and another wanting more information. Then (a miracle!) I actually got an e-mail with a mailing label to send the item back, the problem is (though they have the same order number on the recept as we have on the Blackberry receipt) the label info says that when they get the package back they will credit me for the $100 HANDSET. Can this company really be this screwed up? I mean this is beyond ridiculous, now if I send it back with that label I'll be getting a credit for less than half of what they charged me on my phone bill for the Blackberry.

My husband called back today, he's livid now, we've spent so much time on the phone, writing e-mails, we've even stopped in a Nextel store to ask their advice.

Nextel has admitted that they can find NO reason why this phone was sent, we never wanted one, never mentioned a Blackberry, so there's just no sense to this. The lady he talked to today wanted us to pay the phone bill with the Blackberry charges on it because it may take them 30 days to credit our account What? What?? Why isn't that charge taken off immediately, I didn't order a phone, why am I responsible for it and they're responsible for nothing? Worse yet, if I ever get the correct label, I have to drive quite a few miles to mail the thing, then come back home and CALL ANOTHER NUMBER to get my account credited. At this moment I really wish I was a lawyer.
My husband told the lady he talked to today that we should be credited something extra for all this trouble, but that isn't going to happen. Actually, by law we could just keep the stupid thing, if you are sent something you didn't order (at least in MI) you can keep it at no charge. I'm not going to do that because I never wanted the stupid thing, but Nextel/Sprint should consider that. Now I need to find out who I write to about this, there will be angry letters sent.
On the lighter side, this is what my son in CA wrote to me about it;
"Whatever you do, DO NOT KEEP the Blackberry. It's called the CRACKberry for a reason. If I start getting text messages from you that read- "hay, wutz up wit U? im @ the QLT shop.. LOL" your trip out here is officially CANCELLED!"


Blogger Dianna in Maui said...

Oh, Sue, I can totally relate. I've had similar experiences with them (and other companies, too). I had a similar (but much smaller scale) issue with the post office over a fiber postcard last week. So have my sympathy!

3:42 PM  
Blogger paula, the quilter said...

Does one of the local network tv affiliates have a consumer reporter? If so contact that person and let them bird dog it for you. Won't hurt.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Jane Ann said...

I never thought Sprint was too chili-red-hot, and I think Nextel is worse. Spring drove me to distraction over trying to use my cell number in Europe, but I didn't know they'd fouled up until I was there--and had no phone service for 2 weeks on a phone I rented for $150. They finally issued me a $150 credit for the foreign phone (which wasn't theirs), but it was a study in frustration. I've kept the same Sprint plan for nearly 10 years just because I don't want to risk the mess you're having. My prayers are with you!

8:50 PM  
Blogger DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Nextel/Sprint is the worst company. They are billing for an account that was cancelled and after many phone calls they are still sending bills. Now they say the billing is from when the account was active and it must be paid. When called again they have no idea what is going on.

7:52 AM  
Blogger Jeanne said...

Unfortunately, I can feel your pain! Don't you just want to shake some sense into these people? You have displayed much more patience and diligence than I could probably muster. Hope the ending is a happy one.

7:02 PM  
Blogger spawnofwillow said...

Jason is a goof. :) I updated my blog on here (FINALLY) and put some cute pics of your kittens up and one funny one of a hillbilly driver on the highway we saw. :D

5:35 PM  

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