Sunday, December 02, 2007

Winter Arrives

Winter is definitely here, I don't have the heart to post pictures, it's just nasty out. We had an ice storm yesterday, fortunately we didn't lose our power like a lot of people. We had a bit of everything bad today, heavy fog, the grayest of gray skies, rainy drizzle and snow & ice. I'm already dreaming of spring and it's such a long way off.
Time to hunker down and get some serious work done on the pile of unfinished projects. I did get the first (of probably many) baby quilts done for my grandbaby to be born in February. I started this before we knew she was going to be a girl, but my daughter and I both love these colors anyway.

These fabrics are so adorable. It's machine pieced and hand quilted. I have at least a couple more quilts in mind that I'd like to make for the baby. We got a yard of Minkee to make a simple quilt out of, I might steal that one from the baby every once in a while for MY nap, I love the feel of that stuff. I'd like to make one baby quilt that will be more of a heirloom quilt to put on the wall, we'll see what I actually get done.

Another project I'm working on is a rag quilt for one of my daughter's friends. She's actually one of my 'other daughters', she lets me be grandma to her little boy, which is great fun for me. Out of all the quilts, she loves the rag quilts, and out of all the colors she loves teal and BROWN.

Ugh! I just can't get into those colors. Seems to be a popular combo right now, but not my thing. I found some great Michael Miller prints (I love the prints, just not in those colors) and have started on her quilt. It's going pretty fast so I should have it done in time for Christmas.

In other quilt news, for the last couple of years at Christmas my MIL has been giving me one of her mother's quilt tops. A couple of years ago I picked a Grandmother's Flower Garden top which I've hand quilted, last years top I haven't worked on yet.

This is the top I picked this year, she only had three left, so after her daughter's take theirs that will be it. I'm glad she did things that way, each of the families will have some of Grandma's tops, and hopefully some of her finished quilts, too. This is a different type of quilt for Grandma Glenn, she didn't do scrap quilts too often. I'm going to remove the white outer border (I think she was just trying to make it a bigger quilt so I don't think she'd mind), but I believe the other two will stay. I think this will be a good one to hand quilt, the white blocks will work out well for a little decorative quilting.