Sunday, January 13, 2008

Take a guess....

...where we've been on vacation, I'll make it real easy with this first picture.
San Francisco it is! Actually we spent more time in nearby San Mateo & San Jose, that's where our two sons live. It was really kind of a miserable week as far as weather goes, they had just had a major storm the day we arrived, lots of rain and high winds, and there was debris everywhere from the trees being damaged. Sadly, it was actually warmer back here in Michigan on a couple of the days we were gone, it got up to over 60 degrees in Michigan and I don't think we ever got over 50 in California, WEIRD!

We didn't do a lot, we really just wanted to spend time with the boys, but we did visit the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University. They had an exibition of art by H.C. Westermann which was interesting.

I won't try to describe it, if you're interested just click on his name, they describe it better than I could. I liked his boxes the best, but couldn't get a good picture, there were things inside so the idea was to look through the windows to see what the piece was about. Unfortunately, they had to put everything in glass cases to protect the art, which basically ruins the whole idea of the thing since you can't really see in the windows too well that way.

They had so many interesting works of art, I'm not sure if I've ever seen things this old before. This tapestry (from Belgium) is from around 1480, that just amazes me. That always makes me wonder about where it's hung, what sort of people owned it, what were their lives like?

The couple in this picture are my son and his girlfriend, I thought it was funny that they're sitting in front of a display of ancient bowls & are way more interested in her new iPhone. I was impressed with how useful it was, someone always had a question about something that Alex was able to answer by using the iPhone. Too small for me, I'm too clumsy to use those small buttons & I like a MUCH bigger screen.

We did go to one quilt shop in California, but I didn't want to do much of that since I'm trying not to buy new fabric unless I really need it. I have a LOT of fabric that I need to use up. I can add a bit of quilt content to this blog though. Below is a table runner that my daughter and I made for a friend of hers for Christmas. I also made one like it for my mom. Very easy to do with charm packs.

I also made this mini quilt around Christmas, I thought I'd try selling it on eBay, but it didn't go. I'll probably try again since that's not the best time of year to sell such a thing. I may try Etsy, too, I just have to figure out how to set up a store. I also need to find a way to take better quilt pics, they always come out looking wonky.

It was so good to get back home, the older I get the less I like to travel. I'm really getting to be a homebody (or is that hermit?). I like driving much better than flying, but it's not too practical for going to California unless you have a lot of time.

Now that I'm home I can get back to watching my Gilmore Girls complete seasons set of DVDs that my kids got me for Christmas, yea!


Blogger Marcie said...

Sue, there was a no-reply on the comment you left me, and I want to get back to you and thank you for your help in finding those flags! Yea!! I ordered!I am so delighted to have the help! Thank you -thank you!

7:04 AM  
Blogger Deb H said...

Very funny about the inconguity of the ipod phone & the beautiful old bowls.

I felt the same about the the old building & art that I saw in Barcelona. I saw Things made in years with only 3 digits! WOW!

Thanks for your comments on my blog.

7:46 PM  

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