Sunday, May 25, 2008


I'm amazed when I get on here thinking it's just been a couple of days since I posted, only to find out it's been considerably longer. Time flies when you're having spring.

I want to introduce you to a new member of the family. Her name is Kira (my DH loves Star Trek if that gives you a clue about this name & our other dog, DAX!) She's just two months old. She's a long-haired German Shepherd, according to the breeder the long-hair may stay or it may not, but I'm hoping it will.

She's a sweet natured little girl & seems happy with us, though Dax is less than thrilled. I think she'll adjust to her, she's getting better & instead of totally hating her as she did at first, she's now treating her like a younger, irritating, anke-biting little sister.

Dax is getting a bit old & doesn't want to follow DH around as much when he's cutting wood, working in the garden &c. so he's been wanting a new companion. It's good to have a watch dog, too, our neighborhood doesn't have much trouble, could have something to do with all the dogs & guns in this area.

There was a murder one street over, though, I mention it because I wonder about a couple of things. There was a man described as a hermit who lived there and someone came to his door and shot him in the face. He was found by the Schwan's man days later when he went to deliver food. Yuck. The murder hasn't been solved, part of the problem being that the man was a hermit so the police don't know who he was in contact with. I went & talked to a detective about it because the rumors were flying around here that there was some homeless guy living in the woods that had committed the murder, and if there was any truth to that I wanted to know. The detective said they believe it was someone who knew him, not a homeless person. Anyway, the house went up for sale several months later & we went to look at it because my daughter & SIL were looking for a house & it's nearby with some acreage. When we walked in there was a pool of dried blood right inside the front door! I just couldn't believe the realtor or SOMEONE didn't clean it up. There was also more blood where the body was dragged out of the doorway onto the carpet & a bunch of luminol on the carpet. I mentioned something to the realtor about how it will be tough to sell since they have to tell people about the murder & she said they DON'T have any obligation to tell people about it. I thought for sure there were disclosure laws, isn't that awful? I mean, at least you should be warned of something like that if you're going to buy a house. I would be livid to find that out later.

The embroidered quilt belongs to my MIL, I have it to do some minor repairs for her. I need to try laying it out on my bed to get a better pic, but the bed is occupied right now & I'm thinking it will look better without a big lump under it (sorry, DH!). It's really beautiful. My MIL embroidered it and her mother (Marie Glenn) quilted it. Grandma Glenn did excellent hand quilting, and could get a quilt done quickly. I have practiced for many years and can't duplicate her small, even stitches.

The yellow scrap quilt's pattern is called "4-H" for obvious reasons. My MIL gave this one to me recently, it was the quilt she had on her bed from the time she was 17 years old & used it for many years. She knows that I love old quilts, even in much-loved condition, so she passed it on to me. I need to put a new binding on it, but I decided not to repair the individal blocks. It's pretty worn out so I'd rather just leave it as is rather than messing with it.

I leave you with a smile!


Blogger Karen said...

Kira is the most darling baby ever. Don't think any disclosure is necessary on the murder if they couldn't even bother themselves to clean up the blood! That is almost unbelievable. You would certainly think they are obligated to disclose something as significant as a murder though.

3:39 AM  
Blogger Taiya said...

Madre! Read my blog! :D Free giveaways in the second one...

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