Thursday, June 26, 2008

I might be a winner....

I can't believe it! I never win anything, but I was a winner in the Quilting Blogger's We Reached a Thousand contest. I chose this adorable pattern from Dorothy Baker . It also includes many of the fabrics to make the quilt. Hopefully I'll get going on it soon, otherwise it will have to be a present for the next grandbaby. If you get a chance, check out Dorothy's blog & look at her other beautiful patterns . Thanks again Dorothy, I love my prize & I still have a hard time believing I actually won something!

Yummmm! My daughter & I went to a local berry farm today and picked up these beauties! I'm going to freeze them so I don't have to buy those yucky, tasteless things they have at the grocery stores in the winter. I may have to get some more, though, because I have to make strawberry shortcake a couple of times, too. When the kids were young, we'd go pick our own, I wonder if they remember that. We picked about every fruit we could & made jams & goodies from them. I don't make the jam anymore because I'm diabetic & the recipes use too much sugar. I tried the no sugar stuff, but it didn't taste nearly as good as the sugarless jams they sell at the store, so I'll stick to that.

We used to get much bigger berries, but maybe the weather made a difference this year, or maybe it's because the season is nearing it's end. I recently read an article (I think in Psychology Today) about fruit and veggies & it said that the largest and best looking aren't actually the best for you. The ones that have been stressed and are imperfect are actually healthier to eat. I found that pretty strange, since by instinct we want the best looking and largest fruit & vegetables.

More of my flowers are blooming, many of the earlier bloomers were flattened by the rain, but some really pretty lilies are coming out now. I just bought these pretty yellows last year, there are reds mixed in there that are just starting to open up. I guess they liked the spot I picked for them. I love flowers, but I'm a lazy gardener. Once the weather gets hot I'm heading for the air conditioning. It's not bad, actually, if I get a good start in the spring the flower gardens don't get too bad. The vegetable garden is another matter. I've been doing a LOT of weeding & I'm losing the battle already. My DH is finding time to do some tilling, if he can keep up with that I'll be okay. I always say I want a small garden & then he always plants a huge one, I really hope this year we can keep it in good shape, I don't want to pay the high prices at the grocery store for fruit & veggies that aren't half as good as what we can grow. Hopefully I'll have some good veggie pics to post before too long, and not just zucchini!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another June day

June seems to be passing too quickly, but it's been a nice one. We've had mostly cool temps and have been pretty fortunate considering what's going on in other parts of the country. My daylilies are just starting to bloom. I pretty much missed the peonies, the rain really beat them down, so they didn't do so well this year.

I haven't had much quilt content lately, I have been doing some work, but nothing to show really. I put a binding on an old, tattered quilt that my MIL gave me. It's too worn to use, but it's still pretty. I wish we could use it, it's so soft after all those years of use & washings.
I've also been cleaning up my sewing room, it's getting too cluttered up & it's hard for me to work in extreme clutter, it bugs me.

Anyway, since I don't have anything new to show, here's a pic of a mini quilt I made a few years ago. It's made from vintage fabrics, I think the pattern was from one of the miniature quilts magazines, but it's been a long time. I need to dip into my vintage fabric stash more, I hate to use it for some reason, but there's no sense in having the fabrics just sitting there.

I also want to show you something that just arrived in the mail today. It's a car litter bag that I bought on Etsy from Allyson. There are several people that sell the bags there, but I checked them out & Allyson's looked the best to me. It's made so you can use little baggies inside (either the ones the pet stores sell for dog-doody pick-up or the ones they have in the baby department for diaper disposal) & then just pull them out when the bag is full, excellent idea! She was even nice enough to make a custom order for me from some of my favorite batik fabric. Right now she's waiting for some more canvas before she can make more bags, hopefully she'll have more ready soon.

I guess I'll keep this short today, I should get out & enjoy this nice day while it lasts!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I love June, except for the allergies. I'm pretty much allergic to spring, but it's still my favorite season. I love the green, the flowers, the colors, the smells in the air. This has been a crazy one so far, we've had chillier than usual weather (we just shut down the woodstove about 10 days ago), a deluge of rain & winds that caused many people to be without power for a few days, and recently a few very hot days. Now we've settled into 70s-80s and hopefully milder weather. There's been a lot of flooding in Michigan, but thankfully not to the extent of what they're having in Iowa. We're fortunate to live on high ground, pretty much the only thing we have to really worry about are tornados & the chances of getting hit directly are probably slim. Though we did have a major one go through Kalamazoo in 1980 and it didn't miss my folks house by too much.

Kira is growing like a weed, it was hard to get a picture of her as she just wanted to charge the camera, she hadn't seen me yet today. She's a sweet natured little girl, but not the smartest dog we've ever had. Hopefully she'll get better as she gets older. I wanted to show you her pretty eyes, but she's definitely not sitting still that long, I'll have to wear her out first. I love her coat, I'm really hoping it stays long and doesn't lighten up too much. I've been trying to do some obedience training with her, just basic walk & sit for now, but I've been having problems with my shoulders & ankles. I HATE this part of getting older, I've been shuffling around because of tendonitis in my ankles & I tore my rotator cuff in my right shoulder last week. I was fortunate, it was a small tear, but it hurt like a SOB! It's feeling a lot better now, but I'm definitely babying it, and I'm going to be googling exercises for my ankles, hopefully I can find a way to deal with the tendonitis.

This sweet little kitty is Winston, he's my daughter's new kitten. Someone dumped him off on a very busy road in front of my in-law's house. They asked if we would take him, which of course we would, but sometimes our cats will run off new cats, so I couldn't promise them that he'd stay around. Lucky Winston (my SIL named him after a character from Pulp Fiction), he arrived just when my daughter & SIL were moving into their new house, so they adopted him. He's so calm and sweet, he doesn't get upset when the baby cries (like our Hobbes, who dashes about the house jumping all over the furniture like a maniac) and he'll jump up & sit on the boppy next to the baby's head & have a nap while she's nursing. He's very happy to have a home & hopefully he'll be a good mouser. Taiya & Matt have been moving into their first home for the last few days (they've been living with us for about 2 years), it's going to be weird not having anyone else in the house except my husband & I (and Hobbes, of course).
My daughter's new house is only about 10 miles or so away & she's always glad to have help with the baby, especially while she's trying to organize her new house. I really like the house, it's an older home like ours, has nice woodwork, great lighting, lots of room, a good sized yard, and a great front porch. It needs some work, but considering how much a house costs these days I think they did very well.

I'm looking forward to getting back into my sewing room, I have so many projects that I want to work on. That may be a while yet, right now I need to go do some grandbaby-sitting so her mama can empty out a few more boxes.

Hope you're all having a great day!