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Can't believe it's July already, I don't want to think about summer slipping by. Today started out so nice, then it suddenly got really dark & now the rain is pouring down like crazy. So far I haven't had to worry about watering the garden, we've had regular rain, but lots of beautiful days. This weekend is supposed to be more of the same, sunny and in the 70s. Last weekend I went to the Allegan Antique Fair. I usually miss it, it's the last Sunday of each summer month and I almost always get my weekends mixed up or forget completely. Anyway, it was a great time to go, my DH went with me & we moseyed around. We didn't really have any money to spend, but it's still fun.

There were a lot of old quilts. I rarely buy quilts, (unless it's a quilt top at a yard sale that's inexpensive) but I love to look at them. There were actually a few that had pretty decent prices. I love the Grandmother's Flower garden on the ladder, what a happy quilt. That pattern was one of the first quilts I worked on because my grandma left some blocks & pieces. The finished top is part 50s fabric (Grandma's part of course)with my 70s fabric mixed in. I like how it looks, but if I was doing it today I'd have used vintage fabrics to finish it. Still, it's kind of nice that it's a collaboration, it tells a story.

The prices seemed to be higher generally than last year when I was there, which I guess is understandable, though we were there at the end of the day and some sellers were really pricing stuff down. There was a cabinet that I would have liked to buy for my sewing room, hopefully it will be there next month & hopefully I'll have some money to buy it by then. I'm putting stuff on eBay again, trying to clear some things out of here, I've collected so much 'stuff' over the years. Not sure how that will go now, people are hurting because of the gas prices so I'm sure less are buying on eBay. I got ripped off for the first time on eBay. I was trying to buy a book about Ann Boleyn, the seller had no bad feedback. A month & a few excuses later, no book, and now the seller has a whoppin' 174 negatives and more every day. Apparently she built up over 100 positives so that she could rob a bunch of people and make a few hundred dollars. I hope eBay or Paypal will go after her, but you never know. Businesses let people get away with this sort of thing which only encourages them to do more thieving.

It's so common these days, people conning & stealing, it's so sad. We feel pretty safe here in the country, but actually we have a lot of crime going on here, too. We haven't had too many problems in our immediate neighborhood, we keep an eye out & if we see anybody hanging around we call each other & go check it out. It probably also helps that we have a lot of big dogs around here. Speaking of which, our little Kira is growing quickly. She's such a sweet little girl, but not the shiniest shoe in the closet so far.

Hopefully that little brain will grow & she'll catch on to the obedience training. I think she'll be a good watchdog, she thinks she's pretty tough anyway.

Last, but definitely not least I wanted to show you another pic of the embroidered quilt I worked on for my MIL. This picture still doesn't do it justice, but it shows the design better. I went to give it back after repairing it & my MIL gave it to me! I think she believes we'll be using it on our bed, but it's too beautiful & we're too hard on the quilts we actually use.

The quilt was actually used for the last 25 years and washed every year (not in a regular washer, she has an old wringer washer so it doesn't damage quilts), but you'd never believe it by looking at it. I had to redo the top edge because of wear & redo some of the embroidery, but it's in great condition for its age. My MIL did the embroidery & her mom did the hand quilting. She always did more quilting than the directions called for & her quilts hold up really well. I'll get some better pics of it someday.


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I had to chuckle at your comment about Kira not being the shiniest shoe in the closet. I had never heard that phrase before. That is an absolutely lovely quilt that was gifted to you.

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