Sunday, August 17, 2008

Still summer!

It's bumming me out to see the back to school ads on TV & Halloween items already up at Hobby Lobby. Actually what truely bums me out is that Hobby Lobby already has a couple of aisles of CHRISTMAS stuff! Now really people! It's still summer and I am going to cling to that belief for at least the next couple of weeks.
It's kind of nice not having to prepare kids for school. It used to bum me out quite a bit, but I guess I'm adjusting to the empty nest.
We've been having the most beautiful weather, sunny days in the 70s-80s, nice breezes & cool nights. The nights are getting into the 50s now, so despite my denials, that's a sure sign of fall on the way.

We have had some visitors lately, can you see the deer in the middle of the picture? We get deer in the back of the property at times, but have never had them up here in the front. They've been coming from the road for the past few days and nights & seem to be unable to resist the apples from that particular tree. I went out the other night and got quite close before the deer ran off, and then yesterday I was letting the dogs out & our chow mix ran out barking madly. I could only see a tail wagging so I thought the neighbor's dog was down again, but when I got closer I could see that it was a deer. I was amazed that he didn't even care about the dog, so I called the dogs in & the deer ambled over and had some apples.

Speaking of deer, I haven't been getting much sewing or quilting done lately,(though I did whip up this little purse to keep my iPod in when I'm carrying it in my purse) partly because of a deer. My husband hit on last month on his way to work, and the insurance company decided to total the Hyundai, so we've been shopping for a new car. The old car was a nice car, really comfy, I was loving those warm butt seats in the winter. Sigh. Anyway, we love my Scion XD for the gas mileage (and I think it's cute), so we looked at those, but DH wanted more room so he got the XB.

It gets pretty good mileage (around 28 average compared to my 33 average). It's definitely got more room so it will be good for when it's not just the two of us. The XDs are getting hard to find, everyone is buying them up, I'm glad I got mine a few months ago so I could pick my color & get it right away. The color of this one is Blackberry Crush, just saying the color makes me hungry! DH is feeling all superior because he got fog lights & a couple of other options that weren't available on mine, but I still think my Baby Blue is cuter.


Blogger a simple quilter said...

Do you have any quilts shops in the area that are a must see?

We are coming up to the area after Labor Day and are trying to find things to do if the weather doesn't hold.

We'll be at a cabin for a week and have not been to the area before, is there a market or grocery close by?


Have a great day!

7:26 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Love the picture of the sunflower! Reminds me of my old home state of Ohio and the big fields of sunflowers growing.
Wish we had Hobby Lobby in our area. That's a nice store.

3:30 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Oh, Blackberry Crush! That sounds yummy. I want some cobbler or a fruit smoothie right now!

6:12 AM  

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