Tuesday, August 05, 2008


This has been a frustrating summer for me in regard to yard sales. My daughter & I try to go every Friday, I plan out our route & try to figure out which sales sound the best. We have found some nice clothes & other items for the baby, but I haven't run across many of those sales that make me want to jump out of the car before it stops. But it seems that when I'm running errands with my husband over the weekend we pass all sorts of really interesting looking sales.

He usually offers to stop (sometimes after we've driven two or three blocks, it's a guy thing), but I know he doesn't like to dawdle too much when we're heading somewhere. Fortunately this time I said "Yes, STOP!". I got a pile of these cute old curtain pieces along with two feedsacks thrown in ($2 for the lot!). There are stains on some of these, but I haven't worked my magic on them yet. Not sure what to do with them, but one of those with the bluebirds may end up being a summer dress for baby Ryla for next year.

The best thing I found, though, was a bag of old books. The label said they were partial books & most of them were just sections, which was fine with me as I use them for scrapbooking or other projects. The great thing was that the Our Pets ABC & Who Lives There? are both complete & they're wonderful old books. The Little Susie Sun Bonnet is only partially there (darn it!), but look how adorable it is! I love old children's books.

I wish I'd had more cash & a lot more time, I'd have brought home a bigger sack. Guess I shouldn't be greedy & leave something for the next treasure hunter. Hopefully the weather will cool down a bit this weekend, it's been in the high 80s & really humid lately. That puts a damper on going to yard sales with a baby for sure. I've been spending a lot of time in the house keeping cool, though I have managed to spend a little time in the garden.

I can't take any credit for digging up the potatoes, but I DID take the picture! We did pretty good with the garden this year, even though it's too big & we have way more than we need. Fortunately my daughter & her husband & some friends will help eat up the extras. We will soon have a bumper crop of sweet corn & will be having some people over for a sweet corn cookout since we didn't stagger the planting & it will basically all be done at the same time. Yummmm, can't wait!


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Cute yard sale finds! I never seem to have much luck even finding a good yard sale. I am afraid I've not visited your blog in a while, where have I been?? I see you have a new grandbaby now, that's how long its been! Belated congratulations, she's adorable! And love the little Mary E. outfit you made her, I adore Mary E. fabric and it fits that outfit perfectly!

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