Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Old & new

I recieved a really nice surprise from my neighbor, Jodi, last week, the vintage quilt and bedcover in the photo to the left. The quilt is a four-patch and is a tied quilt, very cute and only in need of minor repairs. The other isn't really a quilt, but is two old pieces of fabric put together for a light coverlet, but the fabric is soooo cute! One side is a nice old floral print & the other is the little bears, just adorable. Jodi's a sweetheart, she's given me old quilts before because she knows how much I love them.

Curious George was a garage sale find, he cost me a whole quarter. He was filthy but I couldn't resist him & he cleaned up really nice! I love Curious George, my daughter had a George doll that she carried everywhere when she was little. He was her one special friend, so if he got left somewhere there was no doubt that we would be driving back there before bedtime to retrieve him! She loved reading the books, too, so I bought the complete collection book for my grandbaby Ryla & she already reads them to her. My folks & Taiya and I are voracious readers so we really hope that Ryla will be, too.

I also found a nice twin-sized chenille bedspread, the pic shows a small part of it, the bigger pics I took didn't turn out right. It doesn't photograph well, but it's really pretty. I bought it with the thought of putting it on eBay, but it's too cute, so I'll probably keep it to give to my grandbaby when she's big enough for a twin bed.

I got a full picture of the kokopelli quilt, though the colors still aren't right. I need to get a new camera, one that will also take close-ups.
Now that I got the kokopelli quilt done, I've started hand quilting on the Christmas quilt. Hopefully I'll be able to get it done before Christmas this year.

Eventually I want to make two more Christmas quilts so there will be one to pass on to each of the kids. I have a few projects that I want to make for Christmas presents, so I'm not sure how much I'll get done.

I'll get a lot more done when we get closer to winter & I'm stuck in the house because of yucky weather, but I'm definitely not complaining about the beautiful weather we've been having. Lately most days the temps have been around 70-80 degrees & the nights around 50, so nice. I hope the good weather keeps up for the fall season, I love a nice long fall. The trees are just starting to change and show a tiny bit of color, hopefully we'll have a very colorful fall this year.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why I don't like Ike

Ike has really been a pain, I'm glad he's just passing by and not staying around for a while. I know I have absolutely NO room to complain as we're not even in his direct path & he posed no danger to us, but we are tired of the relentless rain after three days and three nights. It's really too bad he didn't take a sharper turn to the east, the southern states really need the water. We DON'T. Fortunately the car in the picture turned around, that little stretch of road isn't too great on a good day. Did you notice there are no road signs warning of the washout? Someone's going to drive right into that tonight after dark if they don't get over there with some barricades.

This is a barn on a blueberry farm in Kalamazoo. Their land is terribly flooded in this low lying area, fortunately blueberries like wet feet so they should be okay. This house below is across the street from the barn, they don't even have a pond in their yard usually, but they probably have one in the basement now. According to the weather reports the deluge should be over soon, Ike is heading east.
I did get some excellent news that really brightened up an otherwise dreary, yucky day. I won an awesome gift on a blog giveaway. I'm going to wait until it arrives to share the details so stay tuned!

So, on to other things. I want to show you a couple of cute things, the first is a garage sale find. I'm not sure how old it is, but they don't make children's plates out of glass these days. Isn't that cute? I love kid's things, especially the old fairy tale books & school readers.

Next is.....ta-daaaaa.....a finished project (!), and a Christmas present to boot. Hmmmm....now I'm wondering about the expression "to boot", I know it means "as well", but I'm curious how that came about. I need to find a book that explains those old expressions that have been passed down.

But I digress (I do that a lot in real life!), back to the subject at hand. I made this quilt top a few years ago for my eldest son who likes kokopelli. I got caught up in other projects and never finished it until now. It's not a good pic because it's too dark & rainy to go outside but I couldn't wait to share this so at least you get the general idea. It's a lap sized quilt, hand quilted & in the big empty looking squares is a quilting design that I altered a bit from the original stencil, now the pattern includes little kokopelli & lizards.
Not sure if I can get a pic that will show the hand quilting even on a good day, but I'm going to try to get better pictures when I can. These colors are not at all my favorite, but I really hope my son likes it. The lady at the store where I got the backing was going crazy over it, so there's aways hope! The colors aren't right in this bad light, the brown batik background is much prettier, so hopefully when the sun returns I can get more accurate shots of the colors.
I haven't shared a pic of my grandbaby for a while, so here you go! She is the sweetest thing, she's babbling now, trying to pull herself up, putting her hands out to be picked up and always has big smiles for her grandma. Babies are such a joy, aren't they?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

What a world...

This used to be a barn that held my husband's attachments to his tractor, as well as some other items. The wood parts are gone so just the metal arch of the top is left. It burnt up on Monday while we were at our daughter's house working on their pipes. We thought at first that a can of something had overheated & blown up starting a fire, but an investigator checked it out & said it was arson. This is quite a shock since we have very few problems with anyone, keep to ourselves a lot and generally try to live a good life. Apparently we ticked someone off. We actually can think of a couple of people we've had problems with, but it still amazes me that someone would resort to this. The insurance company has chosen not to investigate since they really have nothing to go on to prove who did it. I just have to hope that whoever it was will consider this enough. This was the only barn that didn't have a door, everything else is locked up tight.

My husband was so upset, he feels like I would if someone blew up my craft room, he has worked for so many years to get this equipment and loves nothing more than coming home and working around the yard. It looks like he'll be able to replace everything from the insurance, but any of you who have had a fire know how it feels, it's not a fun experience and knowing that someone would do this is really unsettling. Now that they got away with it will they do anything else? Will they think this is how to deal with anyone who makes them angry in the future?

It was actually kind of interesting watching the arson investigator do his work. We had had a bonfire on Saturday night and though we were sure it was well out, it was nearby & the fire had burnt it's way to the pit, so we wondered it if was possible. The investigator looked around and knew right away that it wasn't from the bonfire. That made the kids feel a lot better, they should have known anyway, their Dad is really careful about things like that. Anyway, the arson guy could tell by how the cement was broken up in one area that accelerant was used, where the fire started, how the wood burned more in certain areas, how the light figures were pointing in to the middle of the barn where it started. Once he pointed this stuff out we could see what he meant, but we'd have never seen that ourselves.

We've always felt so safe here, but also have kept things locked up since there are always thefts everywhere, especially when things get tough with the economy. Now we'll be installing some video cameras outside the house so we can keep an eye on things when we're not home. At least if something like this happens again we may be able to get the people busted for it.

The thing is, this is an awful thing to happen, but we have insurance. Thank God nobody was here, nobody got hurt. We'll have hassles & it's not fun to have to try to figure out what you lost & deal with all the paperwork & such. Ultimately, though the equipment will be replaced, the barn rebuilt, and everything cleaned up. We just spent a wonderful weekend with our son & his girlfriend visiting from California, we've been helping our daughter & son-in-law work on the home they just bought & just loving the time we spend with our new grandbaby, we're adjusting to an empty nest and enjoying our lives. Meanwhile the sad excuse for a human being who did this is apparently having some anger problems and I'm guessing isn't having a very happy life or I doubt they'd be doing something like this. I believe that what goes around comes around, what you do will come back to you whether it's good or evil so I'll let karma or whatever deal with this & we'll try to find ways to make things a bit more secure & keep on living our lives.