Thursday, November 06, 2008


I'm back! And they didn't even wipe my hard drive clean like they did the last two times I sent this bad boy in. Yea! It was great of my daughter to let me use her Mac laptop, but my HP laptop is bigger & I need that with my old eyes. Plus I am not that familiar with how to use a Mac, they keep telling me it's real easy, but when you've always used a different kind of computer it's hard to start over with a new kind. I'm actually kind of surprised that HP didn't just give me a new computer, they've replaced just about every part in this darn thing.
So I have some things that I didn't get to show you before, starting with my autumn pincushions. I've wanted to try this pattern & it was really easy. The pure orange one is made from wool & the other one has regular cotton fabric on top & wool on the bottom. I think the wool works better than regular fabric on these.

I also have some pictures from Mennonite Relief Sale in Goshen, Indiana. They seemed to be moving along rather quickly this year, so we missed seeing some of the quilts. Last year someone told us that they're not doing as well because the young people don't want to get involved and the older people are dying out. It's too bad, they do a lot of good with the money they make from this auction. They usually have a barn full of baked goods, too, but this year there wasn't much there at all. That was really a drag, those Mennonite ladies make some killer baked goods.
That's all I have for now, I'll be back soon with pics of some of the Christmas projects I'm working on. I'm trying to make a lot of Christmas presents this year & am making good progress so far!


Blogger Dorothy said...

That's a wonderful photo of your granddaughter, Sue. She looks like such a happy baby!
Good luck with your laptop, I hope they finally decide to replace it.

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