Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Isn't this great? This was actually a birthday present, my kids know how crazy I am about Christmas & how much I love Peggy Gaine's folk art. Peggy is a local artist, she does more than just Santas, but I am definitely partial to them. Next time I go to her shop I'll try to remember to take my camera & show you more of her stuff.

This is another Santa that I got from Peggy a few years ago. It's painted on an old table top, I absolutely love it. I love that she uses old & discarded things and turns them into art.
Her family had a fire at their house a couple of years ago and she lost all her art supplies. That had to be devastating, I can't even imagine how long it would take me to recover if I lost all my art supplies. I hate to even think how many of her creations she had decorating her house. I'm just so glad she's back to creating again.

The table topper is coming along. It should be farther along, but this nasty cold I've had isn't helping. It keeps hanging on & is in my sinuses now, giving me an awful headache. I was doing good, didn't catch it when my SIL & daughter had it, but how could I resist holding my grandbaby? She was sick for a couple of weeks & I wasn't going to stay away from her that long. This weather is good for staying inside anyway, we've probably had more than half a foot of snow in the last couple of days. It's really beautiful, but the ground hasn't frozen so it's kind of a mess underneath.

This is a nice little book, definitely something I can relate to. I won't be able to keep the cost that low, but I'm definitely being more frugal this year. It helps not having young kids at home, that would make it tough. Really though, even with my grandbaby I'm trying to make more things & get her useful items rather than just lots of toys and her parents are thinking that way, too. Most kids have so many toys that they don't care about much of anything. Nothing is special because they have too much.

It's kind of hard to believe that it's December 2nd already. Guess I'd better get off here and get to work on those Christmas projects!


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