Saturday, January 31, 2009

Monsters & babies

I've been having fun playing with socks lately, this is my fourth sock creature, but my first monster. Monsters are definitely more fun. I'm thinking these little guys would be good gifts to put in the goodie bag for new babies. And speaking of new babies, my niece is having another little girl this spring (yea girls!), so I was making some new baby goodies this week for her baby shower. The burp cloths have been a big hit with new moms so far, and how can you lose with Hello Kitty fabric?

I'm still quilting on the blue & white quilt, making good progress, but it will be a while. I have to take it slow because my shoulder has problems, it's definitely not a good thing to push it too far or it aches for days.

I swear I'm really trying not to start new projects until I get some more UFOs done, but it's really tough when I keep reading blogs & they show me such great ideas! I couldn't resist the free block of the month from Gail Pan . Isn't that a cute block?

I'm hoping to get my daughter in on this one, too. It's pretty tough for her to find time though, her baby is 11 months old & really active now. She's so much fun, I love seeing her learn new things, you can almost see the wheels turning in her mind while she's trying to figure it out. She's walking a bit now, it's a funny crab legged walk, cutest thing ever.

Okay, I'll quit gushing over the grandbaby now. I'll TRY.

We've had a lot more snow. AGAIN. I'm not even taking any more pics, I'm so ready to hibernate now, just wake me in April or May.


Blogger Vicki said...

I want to hibernate too. We have had quite the winter in Michigan. I want to keep busy so I don't just fritter away my winter sleeping, watching TV and gaining weight from doing alot of nothing. Sigh, I think it will be May before we see the snow leave this year. Love the baby things!!

1:08 PM  
Blogger Taiya said...

I concur on all of the baby gushing! :D

6:27 PM  
Blogger janet said...

Hi Sue, Thanks for stopping my blog, I had to come and have a look at yours, and I have to say I do love your sock monkeys!!!

10:21 PM  
Blogger Dorothy said...

Hi Sue,
We've been having a record snow fall this winter too, but the past few days we've had a reprieve and the temperatures have been mild!
I love those little fabric booties you made! Is there a pattern for them?

8:57 AM  

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