Friday, February 20, 2009

I was hoping to have some pics of the blue/white quilt top, which is all quilted except for the border. I'm a bit stuck on how to quilt the border since the fabric is so busy, so whatever I quilt won't really show up. I'll figure it out.

We've been having such nasty weather that I haven't had a chance to take pics outside, which is about the only place I can hang up quilts to get a good picture. I also got last year's $5 blocks put together in a top, guess I'll have to hope for some better weather so I can get a pic of that, too. Apparently it may be a while, we're supposed to get 5-7 inches of snow tomorrow, and we almost always get the lake effect snow here so it's usually worse than what's predicted. Nothing but cold weather and snow in the forecast.

I did take a few not-so-great pics of some projects I got done recently. First is the new phone baglet (I know that's not a word, but what do you call those anyway?) Now, don't laugh at my phone, I know everybody is going to smaller & smaller phones, but the older get the more I go in the other direction. I also wanted something tough and it had a better battery than most of the models. I love that Robert Kaufman fabric, wish I had a whole bolt of it.

I got my second A Christmas Wish block of the month done. I love these designs (by Gail Pan), not difficult but so very cute. Not the greatest pic of it, but you get the general idea.

I also finished the applique block of the month A Tisket A Tasket from Anne Sutton at Bunny Hill Designs. Sadly, I couldn't seem to take a straight picture of either block, it seems that I am in a crookedy mood lately. The striped fabric doesn't have anything to do with this block, it just happened to be handy.

Would you believe that my grand-daughter is already a year old? Man, time just flies these days. She's already walking and saying a few words, really growing like a weed. I'm trying to teach her to say grandma, but she's not going for it yet. Luckily my daughter is great about letting me spoil her, she even let me be the first to introduce her to french fries. Fortunately she loves veggies, too. She even likes to chew on onion, green pepper & pickles.

This last picture is of our cat, Hobbes. I bought this coat at the Salvation Army store for working outdoors, cutting firewood & such. I was unloading the car & threw this in on the floor, came back in and found this. The cat is quick! I love that "Oh, you thought it was YOURS?" look, but we did get the matter straightened out, and Hobbes now knows whose coat it really is. I think.