Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quilt show

There was a quilt show in Allegan today. It's not a really big town, and they don't have a good place for a show that would have room to hang very many quilts, so most of them are laying over pews. Still, I'm glad they made the effort and that local ladies are able to put their quilts on display. I just have a few pictures.

I didn't see any information about these quilts, they weren't included in the voting and I don't see mention of them in the booklet they gave me, so I have no way to find out who made them or quilted them. They were machine quilted and quite beautiful.

I was trying out my new Vado HD, it's a mini cam. I wanted something small enough to carry with me, mostly to take videos of my grandbaby. We never had a video cam when my kids were little and I wish we had, I didn't want to miss the chance of catching some of those fleeting moments with my grandchildren.

I'd been looking at the mini cams, asking questions, and apparently Amazon noticed because they sent me a good offer, practically making it half price. It's pretty cool, the program allows you to do some editing and you can take photographs from the film as well, which is what I did here. It's really easy to use, so that's good for me. It's only about 2x4" so I can fit it in my purse with no trouble, and it plugs right into the computer to upload.

I tried to post a short video from the quilt show, but it's not working. I'm not sure what the problem is, but it just keeps saying it's loading but it never finishes. I've loaded videos on to another web site and it worked fine, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

This final picture is an actual page from an old book. The book was falling apart so I removed some of the more interesting pages. I've had it for years and ran across it the other day. Hopefully if you click on the picture it will enlarge enough to read it, it's really funny (unless you're the wreck!).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My favorite quilt

I decided to take part in Park City Girl's Quilt Festival 2009. If you'd like to join in, you just need to pick out your favorite quilt & link to her web site. There are hundreds of quilters involved, it will take me a while to get through the list and see them all.
I guess technically she didn't specify that it has to be a quilt you made, but I think that's the general idea. So here's my favorite that I've made so far. I wish I had a better camera and a better set-up for taking pictures, but this will have to do.

First of all, I love batiks so that's part of the reason this is one of my favorites. It's machine pieced, hand appliqued, and hand quilted. My camera doesn't do close up pictures very well, but I did a lot of hand quilting on the blocks, following the lines of the fabric design on some of them, so it has a lot of texture. The applique flowers are supposed to be Evening Nightshade, though I believe it actually grows as a bush. I wanted something that sounded a bit dangerous to go along with the colors and look of the quilt.

The name of this quilt is The Deadly Jungle.

If anyone has suggestions as to what kind of camera I should be checking out that will take good close ups, but not be too terribly expensive, I'd appreciate some help. I have to get something that's pretty simple to use as my brain is getting old and doesn't like to remember complicated directions. Too busy concentrating on quilting!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Have you seen....

the website Quilter Blogs? If not, you should check it out, and submit your quilting blog if you haven't already. It's great for me because I'm always checking quilting blogger's sidebars for new quilting blogs to read. Not sure why since I have a huge list of them that I read already! Maybe it's because they're such great eye candy and are so inspiring. Yeah, I think that's it.
I didn't have any pics taken for this post so I'm re-posting the one of Ryla's quilt, which I am actually quilting right now. I'm not sure why I'm hand quilting it since it's really not going to show up too much in all that fabric wildness, but I guess I'm hoping when she's bigger she'll be happy that I hand quilted it for her. The fabrics are Charisma from Moda, which I really love. Her mom bought some matching fabric to make the curtains for her room and I hope to make some pillows & possibly some other little items to help decorate the room. Her room is looking so great, it's making me want to make some new curtains for my sewing room.
Today was an amazingly beautiful day. We spent most of the day running errands, but it was great to be out and about without having to walk through snow or wear a coat. I hope tomorrow is as nice. Hope you had a good day, too!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beautiful Morning

It hasn't been as warm as the weather reports keep leading us to expect, but it's still pretty darn nice, just a bit chilly yet. The sunshine feels so great. I wanted to share a couple of pics of a jacket I made for my grandbaby out of some chenille scraps I bought at a yard sale. It looks really cute on her.
I love to make a useful item out of something most people would have thrown away. And I always love making things for a certain little miss.
Tomorrow I'll be spending part of the day at the hospital. They'll be doing some surgery on my husband's knee to see what needs to be done to fix it. He's had problems for years, but they've been really hesitant to replace it yet because he's so active & he's 'too young'. That's not something that we hear much these days, but as far as knees go they like to put off the replacement surgery as long as possible. He's in so much pain now that they really have to figure something out, so hopefully they'll be able to make some decisions after tomorrow. It's not supposed to be too bad since they're just taking a look, so they expect him to only be down a couple of days.

I finally got the April block done for the A Christmas Wish quilt. I really love these patterns, I think it's going to make a very cute quilt. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, it may become somebody's Christmas present. Hmmmmm........then again, I think it might be just the right size for that quilt hanger that my husband put up for the bunny quilt, so maybe I'll be keeping it.

Today I made some progress painting a new cupboard I got for my craft room, but I'll wait to take pics until it's standing upright. I really need to get more organized and get my messes cleaned up, so this will help. I have to get things up out of reach of little Miss. Her mom and I were trying to work in there the other day, but there are too many things close to ground level for her to get into. She loves my thread holder, it's so cute how she walks around and stops right in front of it, looks at me with a big smile and the proceeds to throw the spools all over the floor. She's pretty darn quick!

I guess that's all for now, hope you had a good day, too!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Easter

My husband kindly put up my new quilt hanger today, so I thought I should post a pic and give him credit. He's been working a lot of hours so I wasn't too worried about getting the Easter quilt up, but it is definitely nice to have it done. The colors are all funky in the pic, there's really more contrast than that, the bunnies don't blend into the background, oh well.
I've tried a few different ways of hanging quilts, and I like this the best. The hanger is from Lolly's in Shipshewana, Indiana. If you're a quilter and you're ever anywhere near Shipshewana, you will definitely not want to miss a visit to Lolly's. They have two stores now, actually, one is their fabric store and one has a big wall of hand quilted quilts, probably all Amish or Mennonite made, but I'm not positive about that. I almost forgot, they actually have three stores, there's also one on the bottom floor of the building where they sell 'outdated' fabric for $5 a yard and have a boat full of fat quarters. Lots of fun.

How cute is that? Love the high stepping bunny.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter Dresses

I decided to join Eileen and some other bloggers in sharing pics of Easter past. Way past. Mom always went all out on dressing us up at Easter, I don't think I appreciated it a whole lot at the time, but I'd wear any frilly thing for a few hours for a basket of candy. I remember the teachers at school always getting after me to tuck in my blouse and stop rolling up my sleeves (and "sit up straight!"), but I really liked being comfortable, hated being dressed up. I'm the little one in front. Unfortunately my oldest sister, Cathy, died a few years ago of breast cancer & my other sister has had some problems & separated herself from the family. I have a lot of great memories of growing up, though, so for the most part it makes me happy to see the old pictures rather than sad.
I wish the picture was in color, I'd like to know what color Cathy's dress was, it looks really pretty. Don't you love those saddle shoes?

I love old postcards, when I find a box full of them at an antique shop whoever is with me pretty much has to drag me away after a while. The artwork is so great on this one. And the sentiment is sincere, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I need a new camera...

.....because this block from the Bunny Hill Designs A Tisket, A Tasket patterns is way cuter than it looks but my camera doesn't like to take close-up pictures. And you can't even see the sweet little heart button that's on the band around Mr. Bunny's neck. I'm putting a new camera on my wish list. In the meantime I'll have to ask my daughter to bring her ultra-cool camera over here and take a better pic so I don't have to be ashamed of my block.
BTW- the background fabric has nothing to do with the block, I thought a little color in the picture might help, and it did help a little, before that I was getting weird wavy lines on the background. Arghhh!

The little wooden dolly bed is something I picked up at Goodwill today (for $1.99)! Complete with a mattress, quilt and pillow. I was thinking about doing a litte stencil on the headboard, but I'm not sure, it looks nice as it is, kind of primitive. Guess I'll have to think on it. I was going to make a new quilt for it, but that one is growing on me. I need to get (or make) a little doll for this so my granddaughter can play with it when she comes over. She's not really playing with dolls too much yet, but she's getting close to that age.

I wonder who made this for their daughter or granddaughter, it looks like they put a lot of care into it.

We're getting some nicer weather, still pretty cool (in the 50s), but we had some sunshine today and I finally got out to take a walk. I have to really shape up and work on losing some weight. I gained about 15 pounds over the winter and that's especially bad since I'm diabetic. I just had a visit with the doctor and my blood pressure isn't as good as she'd like, so she wants me to go on a blood pressure med which is also supposed to help protect the kidneys (diabetes can damage them). My problem is that the side effects from the drug can be so bad (including the possibility of damaging the kidneys or liver!), to me it seems like it's a toss-up;a possibility of kidney damage vs. the nasty side effects that the drug can cause. The best solution is to just to get out and work at exercising and losing the weight. I see that a lot of other bloggers are trying to lose weight, hopefully we'll all have some better luck now that spring is getting here!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I read this short poem many years ago in one of the old fairy tale books that I love to collect and every spring it comes to mind.

Daffy-down-dilly Has come to town With a yellow petticoat And a pretty green gown.

The daffodills out in the field are the only ones blooming, I guess they're the ones getting the most sun, not something we've had a great amount of so far. I actually prefer the cooler, slower spring weather though, I get more time to enjoy the blooming season. Sometimes we'll get a really warm couple of weeks and everything blooms like crazy and then is gone too fast.

A few crocus have popped up, too. Because of the critters digging them up, you never know where you'll see them in the spring. I'm not sure why they end up elsewhere, if the critters are digging them up shouldn't they be eating them? Do they only partly digest them & then deposit them in the fields? It's a mystery.

I haven't gotten much done this week. partly because I'm lazy and partly because my husband has been home. He had a bad tooth abcess, which was found by accident. It wasn't causing him pain, but the tooth broke so fortunately they ended up pulling the tooth and found the abcess. It even grossed out the two dentists, so it must have been pretty bad. This is nothing to mess around with, things can go bad quickly with an infection in your head, so I was glad he took the doctor's advice and took a few sick days. He's had a bad pain in the back of his head that nobody seems to be able to figure out, except that it has something to do with the infection or the tooth extraction. The doctor says the infection isn't spreading though, and he's feeling a slight bit better every day, so hopefully he'll be back to normal soon.

I've been doing some hand piecing on my Ocean Wave. This project has been around for many years and will probably be in the works for at least a few more. I was going to get rid of it because I was regretting using fabrics from the 60s and 70s in it, though I love the older fabrics. But after not touching it for a few years I took another look and found that I like it again. The mish-mash of fabrics seems charming to me now, funny how that happens.

Time to go run some errands, hope you all have a great day!