Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beautiful Morning

It hasn't been as warm as the weather reports keep leading us to expect, but it's still pretty darn nice, just a bit chilly yet. The sunshine feels so great. I wanted to share a couple of pics of a jacket I made for my grandbaby out of some chenille scraps I bought at a yard sale. It looks really cute on her.
I love to make a useful item out of something most people would have thrown away. And I always love making things for a certain little miss.
Tomorrow I'll be spending part of the day at the hospital. They'll be doing some surgery on my husband's knee to see what needs to be done to fix it. He's had problems for years, but they've been really hesitant to replace it yet because he's so active & he's 'too young'. That's not something that we hear much these days, but as far as knees go they like to put off the replacement surgery as long as possible. He's in so much pain now that they really have to figure something out, so hopefully they'll be able to make some decisions after tomorrow. It's not supposed to be too bad since they're just taking a look, so they expect him to only be down a couple of days.

I finally got the April block done for the A Christmas Wish quilt. I really love these patterns, I think it's going to make a very cute quilt. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, it may become somebody's Christmas present. Hmmmmm........then again, I think it might be just the right size for that quilt hanger that my husband put up for the bunny quilt, so maybe I'll be keeping it.

Today I made some progress painting a new cupboard I got for my craft room, but I'll wait to take pics until it's standing upright. I really need to get more organized and get my messes cleaned up, so this will help. I have to get things up out of reach of little Miss. Her mom and I were trying to work in there the other day, but there are too many things close to ground level for her to get into. She loves my thread holder, it's so cute how she walks around and stops right in front of it, looks at me with a big smile and the proceeds to throw the spools all over the floor. She's pretty darn quick!

I guess that's all for now, hope you had a good day, too!


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I SO want to know how to make that jacket! I purchased a special cutter but it is still in the package, somewhere.....

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Please please share the cuteness!!!

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