Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I read this short poem many years ago in one of the old fairy tale books that I love to collect and every spring it comes to mind.

Daffy-down-dilly Has come to town With a yellow petticoat And a pretty green gown.

The daffodills out in the field are the only ones blooming, I guess they're the ones getting the most sun, not something we've had a great amount of so far. I actually prefer the cooler, slower spring weather though, I get more time to enjoy the blooming season. Sometimes we'll get a really warm couple of weeks and everything blooms like crazy and then is gone too fast.

A few crocus have popped up, too. Because of the critters digging them up, you never know where you'll see them in the spring. I'm not sure why they end up elsewhere, if the critters are digging them up shouldn't they be eating them? Do they only partly digest them & then deposit them in the fields? It's a mystery.

I haven't gotten much done this week. partly because I'm lazy and partly because my husband has been home. He had a bad tooth abcess, which was found by accident. It wasn't causing him pain, but the tooth broke so fortunately they ended up pulling the tooth and found the abcess. It even grossed out the two dentists, so it must have been pretty bad. This is nothing to mess around with, things can go bad quickly with an infection in your head, so I was glad he took the doctor's advice and took a few sick days. He's had a bad pain in the back of his head that nobody seems to be able to figure out, except that it has something to do with the infection or the tooth extraction. The doctor says the infection isn't spreading though, and he's feeling a slight bit better every day, so hopefully he'll be back to normal soon.

I've been doing some hand piecing on my Ocean Wave. This project has been around for many years and will probably be in the works for at least a few more. I was going to get rid of it because I was regretting using fabrics from the 60s and 70s in it, though I love the older fabrics. But after not touching it for a few years I took another look and found that I like it again. The mish-mash of fabrics seems charming to me now, funny how that happens.

Time to go run some errands, hope you all have a great day!


Blogger julieQ said...

Your project is beautiful! I hope you don't get rid of it, I love it! I am sorry about your husband's tooth, and he is smart to get it taken care of. Those infections can spread to the heart valves, too.

9:57 AM  

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