Friday, April 17, 2009

Have you seen....

the website Quilter Blogs? If not, you should check it out, and submit your quilting blog if you haven't already. It's great for me because I'm always checking quilting blogger's sidebars for new quilting blogs to read. Not sure why since I have a huge list of them that I read already! Maybe it's because they're such great eye candy and are so inspiring. Yeah, I think that's it.
I didn't have any pics taken for this post so I'm re-posting the one of Ryla's quilt, which I am actually quilting right now. I'm not sure why I'm hand quilting it since it's really not going to show up too much in all that fabric wildness, but I guess I'm hoping when she's bigger she'll be happy that I hand quilted it for her. The fabrics are Charisma from Moda, which I really love. Her mom bought some matching fabric to make the curtains for her room and I hope to make some pillows & possibly some other little items to help decorate the room. Her room is looking so great, it's making me want to make some new curtains for my sewing room.
Today was an amazingly beautiful day. We spent most of the day running errands, but it was great to be out and about without having to walk through snow or wear a coat. I hope tomorrow is as nice. Hope you had a good day, too!


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I like the wildness of that fabric.

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