Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I need a new camera...

.....because this block from the Bunny Hill Designs A Tisket, A Tasket patterns is way cuter than it looks but my camera doesn't like to take close-up pictures. And you can't even see the sweet little heart button that's on the band around Mr. Bunny's neck. I'm putting a new camera on my wish list. In the meantime I'll have to ask my daughter to bring her ultra-cool camera over here and take a better pic so I don't have to be ashamed of my block.
BTW- the background fabric has nothing to do with the block, I thought a little color in the picture might help, and it did help a little, before that I was getting weird wavy lines on the background. Arghhh!

The little wooden dolly bed is something I picked up at Goodwill today (for $1.99)! Complete with a mattress, quilt and pillow. I was thinking about doing a litte stencil on the headboard, but I'm not sure, it looks nice as it is, kind of primitive. Guess I'll have to think on it. I was going to make a new quilt for it, but that one is growing on me. I need to get (or make) a little doll for this so my granddaughter can play with it when she comes over. She's not really playing with dolls too much yet, but she's getting close to that age.

I wonder who made this for their daughter or granddaughter, it looks like they put a lot of care into it.

We're getting some nicer weather, still pretty cool (in the 50s), but we had some sunshine today and I finally got out to take a walk. I have to really shape up and work on losing some weight. I gained about 15 pounds over the winter and that's especially bad since I'm diabetic. I just had a visit with the doctor and my blood pressure isn't as good as she'd like, so she wants me to go on a blood pressure med which is also supposed to help protect the kidneys (diabetes can damage them). My problem is that the side effects from the drug can be so bad (including the possibility of damaging the kidneys or liver!), to me it seems like it's a toss-up;a possibility of kidney damage vs. the nasty side effects that the drug can cause. The best solution is to just to get out and work at exercising and losing the weight. I see that a lot of other bloggers are trying to lose weight, hopefully we'll all have some better luck now that spring is getting here!


Blogger Taiya said...

I definitely know a little Missy Ryla who will thoroughly appreciate that little bed. I do have a dolly just the right size for that, too, that I will send along with her next time you babysit!

4:23 PM  
Blogger Taiya said...

Oh, and you are always welcome to borrow my camera. If you can figure out how to use it... tee hee.

5:29 PM  
Blogger Taiya said...

Oh yeah.. how do you put your own heading on your blog? You know.. not using their template?

6:29 PM  

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