Monday, May 11, 2009

Doll for Craft Home

I haven't done as much sewing lately, the weather has been too nice & we've been working outside when we get the chance. I did get this little sweetie made though. After I read about Craft Hope I wanted to make a doll as soon as possible. They give links to some doll patterns, I used this one from 60 Piggies. I changed it just a little bit, nothing too major. If you get a chance, you should go to Vintage Chica's blog and read her entries about her trips to Nicaragua.

I really didn't intend to start any new projects, I blame Beth of Corner House Quilts. I made a Christmas quilt last year and want to make 2 more so that each of my kids will end up with one. I've been keeping my eye out for a pattern to jump out at me, and the one that Beth is making was IT! It's going to take me a long time to get this done, but I think it will be a gorgeous quilt. I have a pattern in mind for the 3rd one, but I'm not sure yet, so I guess I'll still be looking.

Want to see some of my Mother's Day loot? The hanging basket of strawflowers is really pretty, and I love sound the flowers make when the wind blows them. They're also great for drying, all you have to do is cut them & hang them up somewhere, and try not to bump them too much.

I think the cute little cabinet below is supposed to be a spice cupboard, but I'll probably be using it in my craft room to hold sewing notions. Don't you love the painting on the ceramic drawers? Some of it is quite quilty!

I'll have more pictures sometime soon, one of the presents is coming later and it's a project that I get to paint and personalize. I can't wait, it's something that I've been wanting for a long time.
The last pictures are of some blooms from around my yard. I really love spring, but it kicks my butt. My allergies are really bad this time of year, despite taking allergy meds, nose spray & using eye drops. My teeth are even hurting because my sinuses are irritated. Geez, I hate being allergic to my own planet, it just seems weird.

I love lilacs, we have some of the common variety of purple shown in this picture, and some white and one little plant of deep purple (my favorite). They smell so great, I hope having the vase full on my kitchen table isn't bugging my allergies, because I really love seeing and smelling them every time I pass through the room.

The crabapple tree is SO gorgeous right now, but it's really a big pain. It drops tons of petals and then later drops shriveled up yucky crabapples, so we really regret it if we happen to forget and park under it. We were going to cut it back this year, but it's so darn pretty that now I don't want to!

The last picture is of a blossoming apple tree in our back yard. It's an old tree, but it's hanging in there. I want to get a new tree to replace a miniature plum that fell apart & had to be removed last year. It was so amazing when it was in bloom & smelled really sweet, I miss it.

Time to go read some blogs, have a good week!


Anonymous Eren said...

Oh your doll is just wonderful! I promise to find just the perfect little person for her!

Thanks a million!



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